Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013- Trauma Lists

Hi Everyone!

Elder G is alive and doing well.  He is still in Souza Netime and feels like a transfer to Benin may be in his near future.

He didn't feel like talking about the mission much again this week. I am very blessed however, to have received a few pictures from Bleck.  Elder G is very close to this family and I know that a transfer away from them is going to be tough.

Here are a few pictures of Elder G and Elder Sahue teaching Bleck's younger sister. 

Wearing his new boots from Smith and Edwards! He mentioned that he wears them all the time and that they require no cleaning- just a light dusting every night.

Is he looking a bit thin on the top of his head to you too?

Sharing the gospel in the humblest of circumstances. I imagine that without all the modern distractions that we have at home, the spirit can be felt very strongly.

Such a handsome missionary!  A rare photo indeed- no goofy grin!

That's more like it!  The twins are getting big too.  Their little flip flops make me smile.  I also had to chuckle at their treat bags at church...some things are the same at every LDS meeting.  I still bribe my little ones (and Wes) with M&Ms if they will sit quietly until after the sacrament.
Here  is a bit of missionary humor for this week.  I wonder how many of these "traumas" Elder G has endured...
Days until anticipated release:


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