Saturday, July 6, 2013

February 18, 2013-Transferred...AGAIN!

Elder Gundersen is alive this week...just not as happy as he was last week. He found out he's being transferred again. This makes three moves in one month. He is moving back to the first area he was in (Tokoin) and will no longer be with Elders Baird, Kunz or Lala. At least he had two weeks when he really loved Africa. I hope he enjoys the last day with his "homies" before transfers Wednesday. ...On the upside, this is the apartment where he planted his first garden in Africa so we know there's a place to grow "crops"!

He looked for the tractor in Lome that he took pictures of before being transferred to Benin. The pictures were corrupted on the SD card when it was put into devices that were not compatible. So far he has not been able to find it. Maybe he will get lucky this week.

Today for lunch he had charwarmas from Akif and said they were awesome. Akif sandwiches were served at zone conference last week too. He seems a bit happier with the food this week. He got his birthday package. Thanks to Dawni for the Papa Jays! The moonpies he requested were smooshed but he enjoyed them with a spoon anyway. Thanks to Aunt Bec as well for the Los Alamitos calendar. It's awesome too and it fared the shipping pretty well.

He talked mostly about home today and we made a few more plans for when he comes home. First stop is Texas Roadhouse...second stop is Smith and Edwards for warm clothes. At least his priorities are and shelter from the elements.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's going to need them with another transfer on his schedule this week. Perhaps he should just stop unpacking???!!??
-On the upside...he will be meeting Elder Hawkins!  I love his Mom- She makes me smile!
Some of the pictures below are from Elder Kunz!  Thanks to his Mom for sharing!
Smores-Mission style...Elder G sent this!

 Souza Netime Apartment
 Souza Netime Apartment- Notice the horse?
 Souza Netime
 Roof- unsure if it's the church or the apartment!
 Notice the font in the background?
Elder G and a few Elders and Members.

 Thinking about riding...
 Elder G and Elder Lala...pretending to break the rules!

Elder G and his Homies!
Back Row- L to R-Gundersen, Baird, Lala, Kunz
Front: Shearer??? Not 100% sure!

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