Monday, July 8, 2013

April 29, 2013-Worm-B-Gone

Earlier this week I was thinking about the worm Elder G said he had...I was worried that he may wait until he saw Sister Leavitt to tell her of his condition. Things like this just cannot wait, so I emailed Sister Leavitt to let her know he was having some problems. Sister Leavitt to the rescue! I love that lady. She says Elder G is doing well and that she will get him the medicine today. I was right...he was waiting to see her to tell her.

Here is the news from Elder Gundersen. He was sad to learn that Elder Kunz will be transferred this week. That leaves Elder G as the only English speaking Elder in the apartment... again. On the upside of that, the parasite is now gone. He was kind enough to spare some of us from the gory details. My apologies to those of you that he shared those details with. The down side...he now has staff infection under his ears. Nice! They are hunting down the medicine that he needs and hope to have it to him early this week. He said some big guy is out searching for it. I guess size of the searcher will make a difference somehow. This is Africa...

He says he's tired of cooking for himself and that he has eaten out most of the week. The mission accounts weren't working this last week and so he dipped into his personal account and took a bit extra out in case the problem persists and someone may have a need for something. I'm glad he is willing to help others when he is able.

Elder G says that he really enjoyed his time with Elder Kunz and told me to tell his Mom, Laura Kunz, that when he comes home he wants a picture with that mission pumpkin. He says he will miss the late night chats that he and Elder Kunz have shared. They will still be able to see each other occasionally at Akifs and that will have to do for now. Such is the way of the mission, we must move on and complete what we are meant to do.

He didn't have much of anything else to say. He is grateful to all of you for your love and support, and all the prayers on his behalf. Love you all.


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