Sunday, July 7, 2013

March 18, 2013- Guess What?

"Hi Mom, I'm alive...and freakin transferred again!" These are never the words we like to hear. Yes folks, that's right...transferred again. This makes four times in just over seven weeks. He's really bummed about leaving Tokoin and Elder Hawkins. On the upside, he's moving back to the Souza Netime apartment. That's the place that is closer to Akif's, has an awesome garden spot and where Elder Kunz is. He says that he's taking his grill this time and that he and Elder Hawkins have planned to meet up on Pdays since they're still in the same zone. I told Elder Hawkins' and Elder Kunz's moms that it's a shared custody plan of Elder Gundersen between their boys. Elder Kunz thinks the President is just messing with Elder G now!

He's planning the things out that he will need when he comes home next year; new socks, some jeans, hoodies and some awesome footed drop seat jammies so he stays warm at night. He told me if I buy the jammies for him, I can choose to not send any more packages.

He plans on getting a live chicken for Easter. He's going to grill it up. Sounds pretty good to me. Maybe he can get a pink feathered one.

On Pday, he had a calzone at one of his favorite places. I asked him if anything else fun or exciting happened on Pday...he told me no. I found out later that something exciting and cool did happen. I will attach a link to Elder Hawkins blog so you can read about it. He was pretty happy with himself for showing Sister Leavitt where to buy her Cadbury chocolate as well. Does he know the way to a woman's heart or what?

Other than that, he's working hard and teaching the gospel to all who will listen. Thanks to all for your love and support.
Stolen pictures from Elder Hawkins' Blog-
Elder G and Elder Hawkins

Calzone! I borrowed this with pride from Liz Hawkins too. These are the calzones that they had to eat last week. I'm thinking those are Elder Hunter Gundersen's knobby knees and hairy legs in his favorite grey basketball shorts. However, it is possible that Elder Hawkins is as hairy as Elder G!

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