Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June 10, 2013- Sorry I Missed Last Week.

More "The Twins Gotta Know" Questions!

1- How many bedrooms are in your apartment?
2- What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?
3- What food from your mission will you like to make for us at home that is good?
4- Do primary kids get CTR rings like us?
5- Do primary kids color in class?
6- Do you have a piano in the primary?
7- Have you had a rabbit to eat yet?
8- Does the sun come up early in the summer like it does at home?
9- What is the funniest thing that happened this week?
10- How do you say my sister is a baby in Togo?
hi mom- im alive

5- nope
8- nope
10-ma soeur est une bébé
So, sorry about last week. We had a rough time getting to the cyber. It's a long story.
I am putting a cap on packages. no more sent after the end of august. So, I can already guess Dawni is marrying Ty. How did the whole ask Wes thing to marry her go? I would have liked seeing that. So you getta plan a wedding! Lucky you! that's good he did the whole ask thing. not many guys do that now.
ya know.. more guys would stand up and be gentlemen if more girls would sit down and be ladies.
Those little race cars you sent were fun. Did you see the video? I got bored and took them apart. I'm excited that the Eastmonds are coming for awhile. it should be fun. i just wanna go home with the leavitts though. i get lemaire back in my apartment this week. pres said i can have a new comp in about a month. no new guys.  last night i was imagining i was in my bed but it wasnt working.
i think i might change to ag systems and technologies. im not doing anything in engineering... that requires lots of math and i hate math. i am just looking at the requirements for it and i dont wanna do them.
Tell Wes he'd rather have a cold at home than here in Africa.
Bleck's mom's name is mama. She's my African mom...she loves me. 
Elder G with the Eastmonds

Elder G and Mama! 

These next few are from the latest Elder G fashion show!

Cute little guys, aren't they?



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