Monday, July 8, 2013

May 12, 2013- Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful call with Elder G on Mother's Day. He is doing well. He has a Malagese companion (he won't even attempt to spell his name) and says he's okay but he misses having an American in the apartment to go to the good store with, to accompany him to Akif's and of course to have conversations in English with. I noticed when we were talking that the inflections in his voice have changed a bit. I guess my little country boy from Utah is picking up a bit of a French-Africa accent!

He says the members in the area he is in are nice and there is a continual process of trying to teach them about serving in the church. There is always a new challenge to take on in the mission.

Today we were able to email chat again for Pday. He was on a bit late and I wondered if he was going to be at the cyber. He finally emailed and said that he had to fix his companions computer and his own before he could email. He made me chuckle with this tidbit, "i think this is the only place the average high school graduate from Utah could be a dominating force in computer fixing."

It was great hearing from him two days in a row. I asked him if he remembered that it was Elder Baird's birthday today. He told me that was a funny story. I guess he now holds the phone that Elder Baird had when he lived at the apartment. Elder Baird had put his birthday in the calendar with a notification alarm to go off at 5 am.! Elder G was reminded bright and early of Elder Baird's birthday and planned on sending him an email today to thank him for the reminder!

Elder G was able to attend a missionary fireside this last Saturday and see all his American Elder friends. He said it was really nice. Elder Hawkins sent his Mom a picture with the two of them together. A member in the area also posted pictures of Elder G today. I am feeling very blessed to have seven new pictures of him, a phone call and a Monday morning email chat for Mother's Day. Technology is a wonderful thing!

He is still looking forward to the package he knows that Grandma sent and hopes it arrives this week. I sent him pictures of contents in the package I am sending tomorrow and he says it looks like the most awesome package ever. Let's just hope it makes it there.
He asked for a PDF file of the Porter Rockwell book so he could print it out and read it at the apartment when he's bored. I guess he thinks that would be good to read as part of his family history studies. It just may get tucked into that awesome package I'm sending since I can't find it in a PDF download.

Thanks to all for your emails and prayers and other support. We are so grateful for you! Until next week...
This is my Mother's Day picture from Elder G! Love his face!
These next five were sent by Bleck who is a member in the area.

This last one was borrowed from Elder Hawkins blog...

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