Saturday, July 6, 2013

February 25, 2013- Back in Tokoin!

Here's the update for Elder G this week. He's back in Tokoin and has a companion from Nigeria who has only been out twelve weeks. He didn't give his name...he was being a bit grumpy. I think the transfers are wearing him out. He said the garden spot was piled with trash and that he hadn't had a chance to do anything about it yet. He misses Lala, Baird and Kunz.

He ate at Akifs and said it was good as usual. He was planning to help Elder Hawkins find the good food at the store where he buys chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows. He's been looking for his beloved pineapple lady but hasn't found her yet. He's afraid someone ran her off. I hope he finds her again.

He uploaded a few pictures this week and that was our highlight. One of EVERYONE enjoying dinner at the same time didn't make the album. The everyone included an infant having dinner at the same time as their mom. Funny because here in the US that kind of thing is socially unacceptable for the most part around guests. In Togo, it's just how it is. I think he sent that picture for Wes' benefit!

As for the monkey in the tree, I asked what kind it was. He says it's the kind that sits in a tree. Not the edible kind. Good to know. I thought the monkey had a great moustache.

I hope that this next week is better and he adjusts to the area and the new companion quickly. I heard from a recently returned missionary that Elder G is a really good missionary and that he truly is loving what he is doing and he loves the people. It's just really hard to explain what goes on in the mission and that's why he doesn't write about it much.

By the's 322 days until the two year mark. (0:


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