Sunday, July 7, 2013

April 2, 2013- Easter Activities

Elder Gundersen is still alive and well this week. It's been extremely hot in Lome, but the rains will be coming soon. The Amis are slowly progressing, no baptisms as it has been difficult to get people to church.

For PDay, which was a holiday- Easter Monday; the church rented a soccer stadium for a member activity. Elder G spent all day watching soccer matches between member teams. He says that... soccer is the most annoying sport ever...if you can even call it a sport! (No offense intended for those of you who like soccer. Elder Gundersen's idea of sport is horse racing and golf!) He says he spent hours baking in the hot sun on cement benches with very little shade. He entertained himself by bonking people on the head and when they would turn around, he would shrug and blame other missionaries around him. Such a tease! The children especially enjoyed this game and tried to catch him in the act. The food was okay at the event, always a plus! He was looking forward to enjoying grilled chicken at Akifs last night for dinner after he finished emailing.

Because of the soccer event, he didn't made it to the store to look for yummy US imports to enjoy this week. He did get to go with Elder Kunz this week and they bought fruit; pineapple and bananas. He enjoyed the company of the American Elders at the soccer tournament and also at a Relief Society celebration last Saturday. It's always a great day when he can get together with the other Elders. It lifts his spirits when they can share experiences and support each other.

In typical Elder G fashion, he couldn't go without pushing my buttons from halfway around the world. This week he saw fit to remind me about all the cockroaches and share a bit of cockroach trivia with me...Did you know cockroaches scream when they are burned? I didn't pry for further information.

He sends his love to all. Thank you for your support, letters and prayers. Here's a bit of exciting news...we are in the 200's on the countdown! Granted on the upper end, but the 200's nonetheless!
Elder G and his Elder Baird

Elder Kunz and Elder G at the soccer tournament


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