Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013- Recipe Swap

Hello Everyone.

Elder Gundersen is still alive and well. He's not saying a lot still but here are the highlights:

He ate beans this week. Dried beans. He says that he doesn't like green beans.  He didn't eat at Akif's either.  He sends his thanks to Jerine and Kris and says there will be no monkey meat.  Perhaps some chicken...

The weather there is cooler today. A whopping 79 degrees and he admits that he's a little chilly. It's going to be awful for him when he gets home in January.

He reminded me that he needs extra bags of Hugs and Kisses in his package I am sending this week.  He is hoping that if he gets transferred to Benin this next transfer that he gets a French companion. 

He answered Ryan and Kate and told them that yes, there are cartoons on tv in Africa for the kids.  not SpongeBob though, he says he misses SpongeBob.

He was happy to know that a teacher from the fifth grade had sent him a letter from himself from all those years ago. He had me send him the message he had written. I though it was pretty cute. He thought he should've written more to himself.

I got a sweet message from Mama (Bleck's Mom) yesterday afternoon as well. She thanked me for helping Bleck with his application to BYU and said Elder G is very loved.  It's always good to know he is loved by members there.  He continues to teach the younger sister.
My sister, Mindy, has a neighbor heading to Africa on a mission and has been joking with the young man about the toilets in Africa.  She told him she would get info for him from Elder G. Here is the account of their exchange- including a recipe swap!  Enjoy!
Hey Hunter how is the African life.  I am curious to know about the toilets there?  How are they?  Have you ever used a public one, or do you make sure to wait until you get home?  Inquiring minds want to know.  So Dyllon reached his year mark this last Thursday.  Time has gone by so slow, but a year seems so fast.  How has your past week been?  How is the work progressing in Africa?  Have you had any baptisms lately?  so have you learned any good tips for me on getting skinny.  You look like you have dropped a few pounds and I would love to drop a few. How is the Companion?  Have you been getting along better with him? It must be super hard to have a companion that is from another country and does things so completely different then you are used to doing them.  So have you ate anything that you need to make when you return?  Can you share any recipes?  I have a good one for rice.  Add 1 cup rice, 2 cups water and salt to taste.  Add butter if you have some.  Cook until all water is absorbed.  You should try it.  Works for any variety of rice! ;0)

hi mindy

They dont have toilets here. its just a hole in the ground. Ive never used one. My week was rough. My comp drives me nuts. The work is going slow. The last person i baptized was in june. Just dont eat if you want to loose weight. That what i do. I dont want any of the food here. as far as a recipe... boil water and flour together.
So are you holding it for two years?? HAHA!  About the recipe.  Do I eat that, or do I wall paper with it?  Companions are designed to drive you nuts.  That is what most of them have done for Dyllon.  I guess that is so when you get will actually appreciate your wife and she won't drive you crazy for eternity! Mindy
Here is an interesting link for flour paste art:

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  1. Only Hunter would send Mindy a recipe for paste!!!
    Glad he still has a sense of humor through all his trials! Tomorrow will be down to the 140's holy cow where has the time gone! Can't wait to see this boy again!