Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June 17, 2013- Kind of Quiet Today

So Elder G is alive and well this week. The power cut out several times during email time. He really didn't have too much to say. Today is 200 days until his expected release. That means tomorrow we will be in the 100s!

The Leavitt's took him to lunch to say goodbye this last week. He is glad that Ty is fitting into the family so well but teased that he's been replaced!  That would never happen!  I assured him that his picture is still my desktop screen saver.

Here is Elder G's wisdom for the week regarding the culture and fitting in:
"ya know why all the togo people like me? because i become togolese. you will not have success with somebody if you dont act like them. it doesnt mean you have to become them, you just have to understand them."

Togo Missionaries- Taken during Elder Dickson's visit.
What is in a missionaries fridge. I see the BBQ sauce and the Ranch dressing I sent!

Security at it's finest- notice the spoon?



This might be the grill under the tree.


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