Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013- Hugs and Kisses to Africa

Questions from the twinners from last week.  There is not a question #1 because he answered that last week!


2- what time do you get up in the morning?

3- Do people know who Tom and Jerry are?

4- Do you eat chicken bones too?

5- Have you seen lots of snakes there?

6- Have you baptized any more people yet (ryan)

7- what is the weirdest thing you have ate? (ryan)

8- Do they have swimming pools in Togo?

9- Can you take a picture of a sunset for us? We have pretty ones here at home.

10- Is there a zoo there?




5-not one






Elder G called Wes this morning to have his debit card checked.  It seems there have been some issues. Great!  We got that all ironed out this morning and we didn’t have to block the card.  This makes me very happy as sending a new one over is quite the mess and very time consuming. I am a little envious that he called Wes and not me.  I have to wait clear until Christmas.


Thanks for fixing my account. It was a bad week for money. Don’t ask. I have like $0.20 to my name and was really wanting to eat tonight. If it doesn’t work I will let you know.

The picture I sent of the food is BBQ chicken sandwiches.  Dinner with the Eastmonds last week was good. The chicken I made was good.  They brought my package and the Hershey’s Kisses made it just fine. They were not smashed at all.

Don’t wait until I am home for Christmas. I don’t want the kids to go without because of me. We can do a dinner later when I am home and if you want the tree to be up, I can’t stop you. Don’t take off three weeks when I come home.  You will be wasting your time.  I’m going to start school right away.

I made the bow and arrow myself. (Talented, isn’t he?) How is everyone at home? I got the boots and they fit fine. Thanks. The book didn’t come though. Too bad. So are you going to get a puppy now? You should get one of Sue’s. Corgie’s are awesome.

My new comp is from the Ivory Coast. He has tattoos he did himself. Interesting… Just so you know Missionaries have eating times. I’m sure there’s a way you’ll be able to feed them. Ask Dalyn. They probably have their own washer and dryer though, it’s not Africa.

In the package you send, put pictures of the other horses, Kisses and Hugs too.

Elder G

Thanks to all for you continued love, support and prayers.

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