Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013- Only Five Left!

Guess what?

There are only five Fast Sundays left until Elder G is on his way home!
We can do this!
As for another mile marker- we turned the blocks to the 170's this week.
But who's counting?

Hi Mom- I'm alive.

Tell the kids I will answers their questions next week. I don't have lots of time today.  I am having the Eastmonds over for dinner. I am making grilled chicken. I bought it, I didn't kill it. We are having salad and fruit too. I think they are bringing me my mail and packages too.

I took money from my account to help pay for someone's trip to the temple. I hope that was okay. Yes, that's Bleck's sister in the baptism pictures he sent. Her name is Karen. I tricked you. Those were not my pants. They were big. I gave mine away a long time ago when someone else needed them. You freaked out, right?

Tell the twins to name their kittens Essi and Nadia. Why don't you just bring a dog home? If Wes can bring home two cats, you can bring home a dog.

I'm getting a new comp this week. I don't know how much better it will be. Everything else here will be the same. Lemaire will still be here with me. Things are still crazy here. I hope it gets better soon.

So Wes had to sit on the stand last week?  that's funny. Tell him he will be the next first counselor. haha! I don't know what to send in a package. Queso would be good. Maybe chili too.

Have to go now and see to my guests! Have a good week.

Thanks to all for your love and support!

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