Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013- Trauma Lists

Hi Everyone!

Elder G is alive and doing well.  He is still in Souza Netime and feels like a transfer to Benin may be in his near future.

He didn't feel like talking about the mission much again this week. I am very blessed however, to have received a few pictures from Bleck.  Elder G is very close to this family and I know that a transfer away from them is going to be tough.

Here are a few pictures of Elder G and Elder Sahue teaching Bleck's younger sister. 

Wearing his new boots from Smith and Edwards! He mentioned that he wears them all the time and that they require no cleaning- just a light dusting every night.

Is he looking a bit thin on the top of his head to you too?

Sharing the gospel in the humblest of circumstances. I imagine that without all the modern distractions that we have at home, the spirit can be felt very strongly.

Such a handsome missionary!  A rare photo indeed- no goofy grin!

That's more like it!  The twins are getting big too.  Their little flip flops make me smile.  I also had to chuckle at their treat bags at church...some things are the same at every LDS meeting.  I still bribe my little ones (and Wes) with M&Ms if they will sit quietly until after the sacrament.
Here  is a bit of missionary humor for this week.  I wonder how many of these "traumas" Elder G has endured...
Days until anticipated release:


Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013- Just Push it!

So, Elder G had a rough week. He said right off..
"I had a bad week and I don't want to talk about it."
Easy enough...
I started by filling him in on the details of the week. Then I sent him a few jokes and this little cartoon that I thought was funny (sorry if it offends anyone.)
Yeah, Elder G told me it was lame.
Anyway, from there he went on to try and push every button he ever installed. I did really good until he said  Lemaire said that he thought it was crazy and weird that I asked him on Facebook Messaging if he wanted to send the pictures of himself to his Mom that Bleck had sent to me.

I fell for it! I first thought it was a language barrier and told Elder G to tell him I was only asking if he wanted them for his Mom because Moms love pictures of their Elders. 
Elder G responded with, "yeah, Lemaire says your weird and that you post dumb stuff on your Facebook page like a dumb 15 year old does and you need to stop." 
I went on to try and defend myself and my posts because I certainly don't feel like I post dumb stuff. I was really starting to get upset. I even quickly went and scanned my page to make sure anyone hadn't posted something I hadn't seen yet that may be questionable.  Nope, nothing I could see.
I told Elder G that there was nothing weird on there. He told me that he didn't know, it was just what Lemaire said.  I told him to tell Lemaire that he's the weird one. elder G sends back,
 "You see how I can push your buttons from Africa so well?"
"Lemaire actually says thanks for the pictures."
Then I get this...
"ok gundy was joking. it's Lemaire. I didn't say anything- Love Lemaire"
Ha ha! At least I thought of other things for a few minutes.  Elder G then told me that they are teaching each other new tricks and that Lemaire is ruthless when he teases his Mom. 
She's a lucky lady, don't you think? What would we do without these boys to push every button that they personally installed over time?
Thanks for all your prayers, support and thoughts on Elder G's behalf. You are all loved.

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013- Hugs and Kisses to Africa

Questions from the twinners from last week.  There is not a question #1 because he answered that last week!


2- what time do you get up in the morning?

3- Do people know who Tom and Jerry are?

4- Do you eat chicken bones too?

5- Have you seen lots of snakes there?

6- Have you baptized any more people yet (ryan)

7- what is the weirdest thing you have ate? (ryan)

8- Do they have swimming pools in Togo?

9- Can you take a picture of a sunset for us? We have pretty ones here at home.

10- Is there a zoo there?




5-not one






Elder G called Wes this morning to have his debit card checked.  It seems there have been some issues. Great!  We got that all ironed out this morning and we didn’t have to block the card.  This makes me very happy as sending a new one over is quite the mess and very time consuming. I am a little envious that he called Wes and not me.  I have to wait clear until Christmas.


Thanks for fixing my account. It was a bad week for money. Don’t ask. I have like $0.20 to my name and was really wanting to eat tonight. If it doesn’t work I will let you know.

The picture I sent of the food is BBQ chicken sandwiches.  Dinner with the Eastmonds last week was good. The chicken I made was good.  They brought my package and the Hershey’s Kisses made it just fine. They were not smashed at all.

Don’t wait until I am home for Christmas. I don’t want the kids to go without because of me. We can do a dinner later when I am home and if you want the tree to be up, I can’t stop you. Don’t take off three weeks when I come home.  You will be wasting your time.  I’m going to start school right away.

I made the bow and arrow myself. (Talented, isn’t he?) How is everyone at home? I got the boots and they fit fine. Thanks. The book didn’t come though. Too bad. So are you going to get a puppy now? You should get one of Sue’s. Corgie’s are awesome.

My new comp is from the Ivory Coast. He has tattoos he did himself. Interesting… Just so you know Missionaries have eating times. I’m sure there’s a way you’ll be able to feed them. Ask Dalyn. They probably have their own washer and dryer though, it’s not Africa.

In the package you send, put pictures of the other horses, Kisses and Hugs too.

Elder G

Thanks to all for you continued love, support and prayers.

Friday, July 12, 2013

This is My JOY!

This is the scripture that Elder G's sister selected to put on the title page of the photo book she made for him this year.  As many struggles as I know he's had, I still know that Elder G finds joy in the things he does.  I love getting pictures of him and seeing the joy on his face. This picture in particular makes me smile.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chain Gang!

Having two ten year old kids in the house proves to be a problem when you only have one set of countdown blocks to turn. 

Remember these? It's a constant fight over who gets to turn the blocks each day...or it was a fight.

Dawni spent the afternoon with the twins creating this cool new bannister decoration. It's complete with numbered links!  How cool is that?  AND it also doubled as bridal shower decorations!
Just to show you how well I'm living up to Elder G's label of MM (Mental Mom) here is one final way I have found to make sure that no one else in the family forgets Elder G. Wes "lovingly" refers to is as the "Hunter Shrine". It is right next to the table in the kitchen.
I think we will turn it into the Ty shrine when Elder G gets home.

July 8, 2013- Only Five Left!

Guess what?

There are only five Fast Sundays left until Elder G is on his way home!
We can do this!
As for another mile marker- we turned the blocks to the 170's this week.
But who's counting?

Hi Mom- I'm alive.

Tell the kids I will answers their questions next week. I don't have lots of time today.  I am having the Eastmonds over for dinner. I am making grilled chicken. I bought it, I didn't kill it. We are having salad and fruit too. I think they are bringing me my mail and packages too.

I took money from my account to help pay for someone's trip to the temple. I hope that was okay. Yes, that's Bleck's sister in the baptism pictures he sent. Her name is Karen. I tricked you. Those were not my pants. They were big. I gave mine away a long time ago when someone else needed them. You freaked out, right?

Tell the twins to name their kittens Essi and Nadia. Why don't you just bring a dog home? If Wes can bring home two cats, you can bring home a dog.

I'm getting a new comp this week. I don't know how much better it will be. Everything else here will be the same. Lemaire will still be here with me. Things are still crazy here. I hope it gets better soon.

So Wes had to sit on the stand last week?  that's funny. Tell him he will be the next first counselor. haha! I don't know what to send in a package. Queso would be good. Maybe chili too.

Have to go now and see to my guests! Have a good week.

Thanks to all for your love and support!

July 1, 2013-Happy Anniversary

Hi Mom- I'm alive. I'm frustrated.

Happy Anniversary. Are you and Wes going on vacation to celebrate? So Ryan put a hole in the wall. Funny, did Wes get mad? that reminds me of the time dawni threw me into the wall in fielding.

Did you check my account? I took money out for something important. Tell Jerine thanks again for the No Monkey Meat funding this week. Do you ever make Ryan and Kate work? They have life easy. Things are crazy here in the mission. I think there are a lot of moves coming up because of it. This is not your normal state side mission. President is going to be grey and bald when he's done. It's crazy, welcome to Africa. Ammon is going to have a rough time on his mission.

So Ty thinks you're going camping and wearing camo? He doesn't know you that well does he? He will learn! I can only imagine what he will have to do to get you to wear camo.

So Lemaire and I are going to wait and grill for the 4th after transfers and celebrate. I don't know what I would do without him. He helps me a lot. I hope that they bring the mail over when they do interviews this week. I want my package.

Wow! 116 in St. George? That's hot. Hotter than I am. Poor Rayona.

Well, have a good week.

Love that Bleck for sending more pictures this last week. Thanks to all of you for your love and support. The baptism pics are Bleck's sister.

Making brownies!

Last goodbyes with the Leavitts

Holy cow! He's so skinny!