Saturday, July 6, 2013

March 4, 2013- Doing Better!

Here's the Elder G update for the week!

He has adjusted to this last transfer really well and seemed really happy today. He and Elder Hawkins had some righteous Chinese food from the Lotus this week. Glad it righteous and that it wasn't Sodom and Gomorrah Chinese food. Missionaries should have righteous food. He said it's not exactly Mandarin Gardens but for Africa standards it was worth the walk.

He had two baptisms on Saturday. A teenager and a young adult. Sorry, no other detail than that. He hasn't had the time to start a garden at the apartment yet but had some good news about the seeds that my Mom sent him. He found a young mother in his area that plants and grows vegetables and sells them to support her family. He says she is very poor. He has been carrying the seeds in his suitcase looking for the right opportunity and has decided to give most of them to her. They will help her to support her family for a very long time. He's also going to teach her how to plant potatoes! I'm so happy that he's using his talents to help others and very happy that my Mom sent him the seeds!

He spent a bit of time today talking about all the fun things he wants to do when he gets home. He told me that he would take me to Mandarin Garden. He wants Star Wars bedding on his new bed and that the bed must be centered exactly on the east wall in his room (since it won't fit on the west wall). We are going to watch home. Last but not least he plans to visit Roy and Jennifer Manning for some cheesy rolls which he loves... a lot! They are sooooo good!

He sends a shout out "hello" to Camille Hunsaker Trimble and says he's glad that she's doing so much better.

He misses everyone, and mentioned that he has just about ten months left. He is making a list of the things he wants in a package. He knows he is probably only getting one or two more and wants to make them the best ever. He says he got two of them last week and that the hard candy filler had melted because it is so hot there. At least it may have kept the cans from shifting in the box! We have been putting extra money in his account to buy the more expensive American foods he can get over there. Much cheaper than shipping costs. He says that the cost to send handwritten letters is still the same and that he LOVES getting those because he can read them anytime (not just on pday). Take a few minutes and send him a letter this would make his day in a month from now when he gets it.

Thanks to all for the prayers on his behalf. They sure helped a lot this week! Much love until next Pday!

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