Saturday, July 6, 2013

Feb 14, 2013- Souza Netime- Back to Togo!

A little late for the week, but here's the update for Elder Hunter Gundersen.

He's alive! After spending a few days in the new area of Kokokodji, he was transferred to Souza Netime in Lome, Togo. He had the opportunity to enjoy lunch at the Lotus Flower with the Leavitt's. He loved catching up with them...and really loved the food. He's also eaten at Akif's and had charwarmas...just as he planned. ...

After lunch with the Leavitt's, he was delivered to his new apartment and was reunited with his MTC companion, Elder Baird. He also met for the first time Elder Kunz from Riverton, Utah. He is paired with Elder Lala from France and says that he is really cool and that he loves spending time with him. This is the first time he has been in an apartment with Americans in months and he is really enjoying it. Hope it lasts!

He says that it is still really hot...miserably hot! He went to the store on Pday and when he arrived back at the apartment, his shirt was dripping with sweat. Gross! He found Dr. Pepper at the store this week and bought himself a can to enjoy at the cyber. Dr. Pepper is not something he usually drank at home. It's funny how he looks for anything "American" and buys it just because it's something from home. (He corrected me later and said that he LOVES Dr. Pepper...shows what I remember!)

The packages waiting for him at the mission home are still at the mission home. He was a bit disappointed that they didn't make it to him at the transfer time as he's all out of treasures from home. There's a conference this week and he's crossing his fingers that the packages are delivered then. He's a pretty spoiled missionary. It's hard not to spoil him...

He says he's feeling much better after the malaria. He caught it quicker this time so recovery was a bit faster. He's putting weight back on but he says it's all fat due to the high carb diet and the lack of strength building activity. He's ready to get back to work on the farm to regain the muscle and strength.

Speaking of the new apartment, there is space for some crops! He hasn't had time to start planting but is happy that Elder Kunz has "crop" experience. Gardening seems to be a therapeutic connection with home for him. I'm glad there is a spot for his therapy in this new area.

He was thrilled to hear that Camille is doing much better. He requested that I take her an old bike tire to curb her boredom. I'm not certain she would understand the joke. Perhaps a ball of tape on a string would be easier to explain. He has a warped sense of humor for sure.

I asked how things were going in the mission and if he was teaching anyone he would like to tell us about. He was in one of his moods and reminded me that asking about the mission was against the rules...sigh... Maybe next week!

He misses everyone and says not to worry. He will be home in no time. Love to all!

Here's a link to Elder Gundersen's favorite song- direct from Togo!
Yovo! Yovo!

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