Tuesday, July 9, 2013

May 20, 2013- Super P-Day!

Today Elder G was tired. He had to get up early to go visit the falls in the jungles of Africa.  I'm sure from hearing about it from other Elders that he had a good time.  He just isn't a morning person. 

All the Togo Elders boarded an air conditioned bus first thing this morning.  President and Sister Weed joined them and Elder and Sister Semken went along as well.  They drove out of the city and into the wild of Africa.  Took a hike up some mountains, saw some water falls and some Elders ate cocoa beans raw from the pods. They saw wild pineapples growing. It sure sounded like a lot more fun than Elder Gundersen let on.  He did take his camera but has not sent any pictures to date so the two below are lovingly borrowed from Elder Hawkins and Elder Kunz.

You can read a really good description of this super P-day activity on Elder Hawkins blog by clicking here!

The bus ride- Elder G wasn't holding still.

The falls
This one I borrowed from the internet...it's a wild pineapple.
This is a cocoa bean.
The mission is getting to him. This week he asked for a moto to ride around the farm when he gets home. I guess when you have motos zipping around you all day it gets into your blood.  I told him a YZ 80 may be right up his alley! He says he doesn't want a moto for the road, just the farm. "The road is not made for motos. I don't want to sound like I want the whole world, I would sell my four wheeler and snowmobile and give up another gun to have a moto. i know i sound like i want the whole world but i think that a moto would be a better idea then a gun." I told him I could probably arrange help with buying a moto for a hug. Pretty sweet deal, right?
He was happy to hear that we are getting a cement pad poured for a basketball hoop. I told him Ryan was excited to play HORSE with him and thought that he could beat Elder G.  Elder G said, "
i dont doubt he will beat me. he could beat me now. I'm so out of shape."
"i just get excited when i think about home. and wes told me i may as well go to school as soon as I am back, so i will go to school. just be sure all my classes are in the morning so i have time to help grandpa. No math. I hate math."
"About that staff lump behind my ear, now they tell me its a lymph node. nobody has physically looked at it. so i think we might want to stop by dr rod when i get home."  REALLY, DO YOU THINK WE MAY NEED A DR?
Thanks to all for you love and continued support!

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