Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chain Gang!

Having two ten year old kids in the house proves to be a problem when you only have one set of countdown blocks to turn. 

Remember these? It's a constant fight over who gets to turn the blocks each day...or it was a fight.

Dawni spent the afternoon with the twins creating this cool new bannister decoration. It's complete with numbered links!  How cool is that?  AND it also doubled as bridal shower decorations!
Just to show you how well I'm living up to Elder G's label of MM (Mental Mom) here is one final way I have found to make sure that no one else in the family forgets Elder G. Wes "lovingly" refers to is as the "Hunter Shrine". It is right next to the table in the kitchen.
I think we will turn it into the Ty shrine when Elder G gets home.

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