Sunday, July 7, 2013

March 11, 2013- Livin' It Up In Tokoin!

Elder G is alive again this week. He's getting back into the groove in Tokoin. Besides the regular everyday missionary stuff...walking, teaching, studying...he may try and get some beans planted this week. It's super hot there and the rainy season is quickly approaching. Hopefully, it will provide a little relief.

He is enjoying his Pdays with Elder Hawkins. They pair off and do their Pday shopping at the good stores and then go somewhere good for lunch. This week was Akifs where he had an entire grilled chicken for lunch (no monkey!). He said it was really good. Nearly as good as when he would grill for us at home. It could've used some bbq sauce but you take what you can get in Africa.

He got the new grill set up at the apartment and had a chance to use it this week. The experience didn't go as well as planned and because they had company (the APs) they finally gave up and just ordered pizza instead. He plans on purchasing a live chicken in the near future and then using his hunter-gatherer life skills to get it cleaned and cooked. Can't wait to hear those stories... I also read on a couple other Elder updates that they slept on the roof the night the APs were there. I pray that the mosquitos didn't share malaria with him again (or anyone else for that matter)!

He sends a big THANK YOU to Kris Harrop and Jerine Price. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is so appreciated. He promises to buy good stuff with it. No packages again this week. He's still awaiting the arrival of his Christmas package (sent in October) and his picture book his sister made for him. Maybe this week? I'm still betting on Christmas in July.

He asks every week how much snow we still have, how everyone is doing and still doesn't say much of anything about the mission. I'm guessing at this point it's likely not to change.

I was visiting with a friend this week and mentioned how much I miss Elder G. In all his wisdom he told me that when he gets back I will still be missing him..."the boy we sent out is not the same as the man who will be returning home". It gave me a lot to think about. Although, I think the man that will be coming home will still continue to push my buttons. After all, he knows what they all are having been the one who installed them!

Thanks for all the prayers, emails of encouragement and letters. Until next week!

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