Saturday, July 6, 2013

January 28, 2013- Mental Moms

Elder Hunter Gundersen is alive and doing well this week. Thank you to all for your prayers on his behalf for a speedy recovery. He got one package this week...thanks Grandma! He is way excited to officially be on the downhill side of his mission. He was super envious of all the snow pictures I sent him from yesterday. He still misses the seasons a lot and says the weather in Togo and Benin has no...t changed much in the last 10 1/2 and dry or hot and humid.

His big news for the week is that all of them in the apartment will likely be transferred together to a new area. He thought it was Kokokodji...this is the first time missionaries will be in the area. There are a few members already there and he is both nervous and excited to open a new area. Hope it works out and they get to go. It's a touch bittersweet for me, I'm glad he may get this amazing opportunity but a little sad he will be moving away from the Eastmonds. It's been nice having them close to him. He and Elder Milambo are enjoying their time together again. They are working well together and seem to be on great terms. Elder Milambo tells me the apartment has two baptisms scheduled for this Saturday.

He spent his Pday today doing laundry by hand and going to renew his Visa. Not too exciting. I told him I posted the Grand Marche video link and he said that a video doesn't do it justice; it's loud, dirty and pretty much miserable to be there. Always the optimist! He's excited for us to make bissap this week with the kids. He suggested the pate be our next culinary adventure..."that ought to kill you good!" was his comment. So excited to try that next.

He made fun of me a bit for having lunch with local Moms of the mission. He informed me that all the Elders make fun of us for having get-togethers. He kids me just like Wes does...MM stands for Mental Mom and that we all need professional counseling. There are days that I don't disagree with's been one of the longest years of my life! I am grateful for the opportunity to have met these great ladies and to commiserate together! (Both personally and through emails.) They are a fountain of knowledge and a rock of support and I love them all.

Love to all...until next week!

 Here's the cool video of the market:
Video of the Grande Marche in Cotonou, Benin

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