Sunday, July 7, 2013

April 15, 2013- Happy Tax Day...Except in Africa

Here's my Mom's message from Hunter this morning!
Hi grandma and grandpa

im still alive. this week has been good. elder kunz and i stayed up talking almost every night. those are good talks. we have been having success with investigators too. this sunday we had 7 come to church that starts at 7 in the morning. so not too bad. I went to akifs and the store today. kunz and i are going to try to make peach cobbler this week.

thanks for all you do.

love hunter

 Don't you just love the fact that he is "still alive"? 

Elder Gs update for the week:
Alive: yes
Amis: seven, all good!
Purchased: pancake mix
Attempting: peach cobbler
Weather: hot! Some rain
Kunz: good, they talk a lot!
Mission: long
Misses: horses, grandpa, Robison and Haycock and Bush. Along with a few others.
Wants: KoolAid, jerky, patience, to live at home forever.

He was in a good mood but really didn't have much to say. Thanks to all for your prayers and support!


This last one was borrowed from Elder Layton's Mom- We all attended the report of Elder Robison and met all these fine RMs! Browning, Haycock, Bush, Robison, Workman, Winkleman, and Thomas! It was a privilege to be in their company.

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