Saturday, July 6, 2013

February 4, 2013- Camping...

Elder Hunter Gundersen is alive and well this week. On Saturday he was transferred from Gbedjeromede. It was a teary farewell with the Eastmonds. Elder Eastmond says that the Elders did their job and got them trained and now it's time for them to train someone else. The Sister missionaries will be moving into that apartment this week. This will be the first time in over two years that Sisters will be serving in the area.

Elder Gundersen and his companions were moved to the village of Kokokojdi. This is the first time there have been missionaries in the area. Elder G says he's spent the last few days "camping". No power and fetching water from a well old school style. Wes teased that Gundersen is Latin for camp and Elder G insisted he was much more like me when it comes to camping. He mentioned the fact that he has not had a hot shower since March 28th 2012. He has had cold bucket showers so at least he doesn't smell like a mountain man! Besides having a well, the village of Kokokojdi also has a plethora of goats and monkeys. I told him we ate at Maddox on Friday...he says that he ate on the street. (Worries me a bit!) On Sunday, he took a 45 minute ride to Cotonou in a sweltering hot taxi to attend church!

He received the news that he will be transferring again to Togo on Wednesday. He will be meeting the Leavitts at the border and will be assigned to the Souza Netime apartment. This is where Elder Kunz is! So exciting! Elder Gundersen's excited to be back in Togo and is looking forward to seeing the Leavitts and eating at Akifs. Akifs is a restaurant in Lome that has cheeseburgers, fries and charwarmas...tacos on steroids!

He sends his love to Camille Trimble and her family. He said the power of prayer and the priesthood is awesome...always has been. Keep praying for her everyone!

He received word he has several packages waiting for him and he hopes that they will bring them Wednesday when he transfers. He sends a big shout out to Jerine Price..."thanks and no it!"

He loved the snow pictures this week...especially the frost covered trees. He says to enjoy the season, it's a beautiful time of year even if it is cold.

Love to all until next week!

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