Sunday, July 7, 2013

March 26, 2013- One Year in Africa

Hey everyone! Here's the Elder G update for the week! He's alive and well. Here are a few notes of interest. This week marks one year for the following events:
1- his last hot shower
2- his last drink of milk
3- his last time on U.S. soil

It is also Elder G's one year anniversary of his arrival in Benin. When he arrived, he was assigned to labor in the Tokoin area in Lome Togo with Elder Kefa Milambo as his trainer. Happy Africa Arrival Anniversary!

Still no Christmas package this week, or book package. He made a request of Kool-Aid and the conference Ensigns (last October too!) for the outgoing package. He can get almost anything else he needs there. At the store this week, he bought all the Dr. Pepper, some Mt. Dew, some honey mustard Pringles, sugar and a few other odds and ends for a mere $19. Bargain!

Last Saturday he had a baptism, a 29 year old lady with a son. He said it was pretty cool. They have several other Amis progressing well. He enjoys spending time with the people...especially the children. They hold a special place in his heart and make him smile. He misses Maiola in Benin (the cute little girl he was carrying on his back in the sling). It's a struggle for him to see the way that some children are treated sometimes. It would make you cry. He would love to be able to bring a few of the children home with him. Future adoption opportunities??? Maybe!

He said it's good to be back with Elder Kunz. He missed him! He plans to take Elder Kunz out sometime this week and teach him how to buy fruit. He misses Elder Hawkins and hopes that they still get to see a lot of each other. The Souza Netime apartment is bigger than the Tokoin apartment and just as old. As a bonus, there are rats and cockroaches everywhere for his entertainment too. Sounds awesome, right?

He says his shirts are getting so thin that the sun goes right through them now. The upside of that is he doesn't have a farmer tan anymore. In fact, he hardly has any tan at all...but it may just be perspective...he looks really pale compared to most people around him. He never did find his pineapple lady in Tokoin again. He is certain that she's gone forever. He misses her...and going to the temple, and going to family things, and milk.

I told him of a place I heard about in SLC that makes chawarmas and that they're supposed to be the real thing. He told me not to go there and that he would treat us to the real thing when he gets home. He also suggested that in the next batch of bissap I make, I should add some pineapple and fresh mint to the water when I boil it. He said it's awesome like that. I asked how much mint and he told me,"200 francs worth". I'm not familiar with that measurement system at all. Guess I will be winging it!

Special shout outs: Taryn- you looked great in your prom picture. (He even used the word "pretty"). Camille Trimble- keep up the hard work, he's glad you're doing so well. Gpa Pierson- the new baby is pretty cute and I miss you a lot.

Thanks to everyone else who supports Elder G in all the ways you do. You will never understand how much he appreciates what you do for him. It means a lot to him. Until next week! (0:

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