Sunday, July 7, 2013

April 8, 2013- BORING!

So here's the quick update for Elder Gundersen this week. He's alive. That's pretty much the only thing he said...that and it's hot. Really hot. The rains will be coming soon and he's ready for some cooler weather. He told my mom he witnessed an incredible rainstorm last week...thunder, lightening and buckets of water. He likes being back with Elder Kunz and they have a great time together.

He put in his package requests...Papa Jays jerky and to quote him..."don't bother sending me that Jack Links...I will just give it away. I only want Papa Jays." Of course I bought Papa Jays and Kool Aid and ranch and BBQ sauce. He's definitely spoiled. I feel like I should send the items he demands since he is in Africa...

Besides that, he pretty much said nothing else. He asked about family, friends, the farm and the weather. Boring as it is, he's still doing okay. Thanks to all for your love and support!
Papa Jay's for the spoiled Missionary!

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