Monday, July 8, 2013

April 22, 2013- Great Happiness

Heard from Elder G today. It was a great chat. It's starting to cool down a bit, the clouds were out today and it had sprinkled a bit. The stove top peach cobbler was a success and he and Elder Kunz enjoyed eating it.

He asked about the horses and was sad to hear that Ruddy had been sick. He asked about the new babies and instructed which ones he wanted pictures of. He asked about the trips to Lewiston every week. I can tell he really misses these activities.

He did nothing exciting today. No Citimart, no Akifs. He is actually not feeling well...he has a worm in his belly. It's making it hard to eat and digest. He's asking the Leavitt's to bring him some medication to hopefully take care of it. On the upside the Africa climate has helped with the allergies...they're pretty much gone.

He was grateful that his friends the Mannings were safe after the events in Boston. Definitely mission blessings. He says that the Boston events are the talk in the mission and that he is shocked about the things that happened.

He had a visit with President Weed last week. He said it went well and they ended up talking about hauling hay. Funny missionary interview topic!

I shared that Katelyn had damaged two pair of glasses in the last two weeks. Here is his advice on that. "Let her go blind, she will learn...when Jesus took the washer and dryer away for two years I have learned how easy it is to do laundry in a machine at home. Same principle applies here." I'm not certain that depriving her of sight is the same thing. I think we will let her keep the glasses for now!

His greatest happiness today was that Grandpa emailed him! He was so excited! They shared a few messages back and forth and said it made his day!

Crazy Africa moment for the week-they were teaching a guy and right in the middle of the discussion, a gazelle walked in! Yes, that's right! A real live gazelle! It scared him but he managed to pull out his camera and get a picture of the once in a lifetime event! Can you imagine having the home teachers in your front room and having an antelope casually stroll in? This is Africa!

Thanks to all for your love and support. He appreciates all you do for him! Until next week...
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