Tuesday, July 9, 2013

May 27, 2013- Cravings

The twins sent him a list of questions again this week. Always fun to see his answers!

1- Where is your favorite companion so far from?
2- Do you read your normal scriptures mostly or the French ones when you study?
3- Do you know how many baptisms you have had? Is it more than 10 because we are almost ten.
4- Have you ever seen a Mickey Mouse there?
5- Do kids get birthday cakes on their birthday? Do they have parties?
6- Have you seen any pet dogs that live with kids?
7- What is the most important thing you have learned in your mission?
8- Do primary kids sing our same songs just in their language?
9- Have you saw an elephant yet?
10- Have you eaten fish yet?

Elder G's answers:

1- france
2- english
3- 13
4- lots
5- no, no
6- yes
7- home is the best place on earth
8- yes
9- no
10- yes
hi mom- I'm alive
last monday night i decided i cant have a moto because im too scared to wreck and i dont wanna get hurt. so i came up with something else. its a list of food i want to eat within the first while when i get home... if its ok
grilled bbq chicken
sirloin steak
turkey steak
sweet pork enchiladas
mashed potatoes
baked potatoes on a half shell
chicken and swiss
chicken a la king
grilled ham and cheese
hawaiian chicken
riverside burger
riverside chicken strips
shish kabobs
chilis turkey sandwich
sweet pork burritos from cafe rio and taco time
microwaveable burritos
breakfast burritos
cheesy breadsticks
real pizza
baked beans
fettichini alfredo
fredricos ham salad
parmesean chicken
chicken cordon blue
party pizzas
subway-white bread, american cheese, turkey, mayo, olives and a little bit of lettuce
luau pork
grandma peterson fruit salad
snicker salad
moms colorful macaroni salad
egg rolls
ham fried rice
the meat in 3 kind spicy
tiny spicy chicken
onion rings
doritos- cool ranch and salsa verde
bbq spare ribs
better than sex cake
lemon cake
bacon grease chicken
french toast
apple sauce
dutch oven potatoes
lemon chicken
chicken nuggets
oatmeal cookies
rylees oreo cookies
silver wrapped chicken
papa jays jerky
beef in beef and broccoli
corn on the cob
little red potatoes with butter
chips and salsa
apple rolls
lima beans
shredded beef enchiladas
spicy chicken breasts
potato salad
jello salad
cheesy rolls
chocolate milk
frosted mini spooners
frosted flakes
noodles, potatoes and chicken in moms soup.- no broth
biscuits and mashed potatoes
orange julius
garlic bread
soft salty pretzel
rottissary chicken
refried beans
spanish rice
ham and cheese hot pockets
cherry chocolate chip ice cream
ben and jerrys phish food
nelsons frozen custard
olive garden cheese ravioli without sauce
navajo tacos without sauce
revel bars
bbq chicken sandwich
maddox fries
sloppy joes
chicken tacos at schwanies
pecan sandies
lasagna that wes makes
philly cheese steak sandwich
spaghetti with ground beef
won tons
macaroni noodles with parmesean cheese and butter
chicken salad crassonts
calzone from firehouse
spring rolls
bean and cheese burrito
french dip sandwich
arbys roast beef sandwich
roast beef and rolls that wes gets
curly fries
chocolate chews
chocolate cake with cherries in the round pan
peach cobbler
cherry pie
apple pie
key lime pie
raspberry dessert
chocolate cloud dessert
sues raspberry ice cream
pulled pork sandwich
honey baked ham
As you can see I have a lot of alone time.
The Leavitt's are leaving soon.  They are tired...i would be too...i dont want them to go...they are the only ones who understand the things we have to put up with. I will miss them.
nope i didnt..(try a cocoa bean) on our trip.. you know im not adventureous.
i miss food from home so bad. im sick of stuff here. So im the king of mail here? Weird cause
I havent gotten mail for about a month. it takes longer to get it here in Togo. youre right,
Not many people can say they served in two countries. That's pretty cool if you think about it, well I will still be happy to leave both of these and come back to my own.
I didn't go anywhere cool this week nobody goes with me anywhere... so i send members to get me akifs. Hey, I did finally get that Christmas package. I cut the pj pants into shorts. Thanks. For Memorial Day you should go trap shooting for me. I miss it too. I want to go fishing.
Guess I will be cooking a lot when January rolls around.  I'm going to print his list and check things off as I make them.  Good thing there are a few take out items on that list! Whew!
Thanks to all for the thoughts and prayers on Elder G's behalf!
Here are the pictures that I got this week!
Christmas PJ pants!

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