Monday, July 8, 2013

May 6, 2013- Voodoo Market

The Elder G update for the week. He's alive. Thin, tired, and still not feeling well...but alive. The big guy came through, he has the medicine for the staph and it's slowly taking care of the infection. He is missing Elder Kunz and Hawkins a lot. There is no one else in the apartment now to have those much needed talks in English with. No one to go to the good store with, and no one who wants to go eat somewhere good. *sigh*

On the bright side of things, he got a few letters this week and the rains make it slightly cooler (and muddier!). He recently visited a voodoo market and picked up a voodoo doll. The picture of the monkey heads is quite lovely. He mentioned a few weeks ago purchasing a few rocks that are charmed/cursed so that where you throw them, lightening will strike. The things that people believe makes me chuckle a bit.

He asked that I not let Wes register him for any math classes when he gets ready to come home. African studies, French and Voodoo religion studies are also out of the question. I figured they would be easy A classes. Apparently, the charmed rock tossing calculations would require math to ace Voodoo studies. The mission card fiasco is figured out as well. Glad that's fixed!

We are excited to hear his voice on Mother's Day. He seems to be excited to talk to us as well but says it will be bittersweet. It's great at the time, but it makes him want to be home when the call is over. )0:

I know this week has been difficult for him as he still doesn't feel 100% and he is missing his American friends. We are grateful to all of you for the prayers on his behalf. Thanks for your continued love and support.

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  1. Never posted that I received a message from Hunter when I got home from Church on Mother's Day. It was wonderful to hear his voice. That little message is saved in my phone so I can hear his voice whenever I want to! Thanks Hunter, you made Grandma's Day!