Saturday, July 6, 2013

January 22, 2013- Malaria...the Gift That Keeps Giving!

Today I received an email from Elder Milambo.  He did his best to let me know that Elder G would not be making it to the cyber today...

"Elder Gundersen ET ma lade la malaria lui derange un peu IL ma dit de vous dir que il va un peu bien".
So not what I wanted to hear as I really needed to find out what he needs in a package! So, I sent an email off to Elder Eastmond-
Hello Elder Eastmond
I just got an email from Elder Milambo and from what I can make of it through my translator, Elder Gundersen has malaria?  If that's right, could you please let him know we love him and hope he's better soon? Thanks.
I am sending him a package tomorrow with his driving permit in it. Ask him if there is anything else he really needs...the cost to mail packages is going from $60.95 to $77.95 next week and I am trying to fill a few packages with some of his wants and needs before then.
Thanks for all you do!
Sister Kari Pierson
Dear Sis. Pierson,

You got the message right.  He's had malaria for a couple of days and has felt really sick. Tonight, I phoned him and he sounds much better than he did the morning.  He's getting better.

Re. other things to send, he said that tomorrow he will send you an e-mail, and that he'll think of anything he might need.

Wow, that package rate sounds steep and getting steeper.

We spent the day visiting a local university, looking into the possibility of establishing an LDS Institute just off campus.  We'll see.  People were very nice and helpful.

Here's an excerpt from Sister Eastmond's journal from January 16th-
We had a great time with the missionaries last evening.  Irene cooked a hamburger dish over bowtie noodles, with green peas on the side.  It was a treat, even with ice cream at the end (mint chocolate chip, not quite as good as Aggie ice cream!).

Our gift to all the Elders was small flashlights.  Elder G. got a headlamp, while the others got hand held ones.  Unfortunately, the headlamp needed batteries and we'd not seen that beforehand, while the other 3 had their batteries included.  (dommage!)  But he took it in good stride.

This morning, he loaned me the key to the chapel that we'll need to teach our class this evening.  A copy is on the way, but not here for today.

You've got a great son.  We could tell that this set of elders has not bonded as well as the previous 4 had, but maybe that will happen with time.

With best wishes,

Elder & Sis. Eastmond


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