Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013- Just Push it!

So, Elder G had a rough week. He said right off..
"I had a bad week and I don't want to talk about it."
Easy enough...
I started by filling him in on the details of the week. Then I sent him a few jokes and this little cartoon that I thought was funny (sorry if it offends anyone.)
Yeah, Elder G told me it was lame.
Anyway, from there he went on to try and push every button he ever installed. I did really good until he said  Lemaire said that he thought it was crazy and weird that I asked him on Facebook Messaging if he wanted to send the pictures of himself to his Mom that Bleck had sent to me.

I fell for it! I first thought it was a language barrier and told Elder G to tell him I was only asking if he wanted them for his Mom because Moms love pictures of their Elders. 
Elder G responded with, "yeah, Lemaire says your weird and that you post dumb stuff on your Facebook page like a dumb 15 year old does and you need to stop." 
I went on to try and defend myself and my posts because I certainly don't feel like I post dumb stuff. I was really starting to get upset. I even quickly went and scanned my page to make sure anyone hadn't posted something I hadn't seen yet that may be questionable.  Nope, nothing I could see.
I told Elder G that there was nothing weird on there. He told me that he didn't know, it was just what Lemaire said.  I told him to tell Lemaire that he's the weird one. elder G sends back,
 "You see how I can push your buttons from Africa so well?"
"Lemaire actually says thanks for the pictures."
Then I get this...
"ok gundy was joking. it's Lemaire. I didn't say anything- Love Lemaire"
Ha ha! At least I thought of other things for a few minutes.  Elder G then told me that they are teaching each other new tricks and that Lemaire is ruthless when he teases his Mom. 
She's a lucky lady, don't you think? What would we do without these boys to push every button that they personally installed over time?
Thanks for all your prayers, support and thoughts on Elder G's behalf. You are all loved.

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