Tuesday, June 4, 2013

July 17, 2013- Bad Week

Dear Elder-

We heard about the passing of Elder Milambo's sister yesterday.  I understand after speaking with his brother that she was ill from food poisoning after her trip to see her daughter.  Sad that she left six children here. I hope Elder Milambo is hanging in there. You need to do all that you can to keep him there. You were made his companion this long for a purpose and I think this was it. He needs all the love and support he can get right now.  His sister Mamie would not have wanted him to go home over this. The best thing I can think of to do can to me in my sleep last night and woke me up. He needs a priesthood blessing from you and the other companions in the apt. I know you can do this because you have a strong testimony of the Gospel and the priesthood.  He needs you right now. His brother says to thank you for being there for Elder Milambo.
AND...I know it's a little early to request that you bring something home with you, HOWEVER...Sister Leavitt sent a picture of something I would love to have...the wood carving of the family symbol. It is so pretty.

Love you,

Hi mom...I’m alive.
ya well it turns out he didnt know and guess who was the lucky one to
break it to him. ya he threw himself down in the street...calling for his sister...it was not good. But ya the internet has been down and thats why i wasn’t there yesterday and we had some meetings. whos spending the 2 years here? Remind me in 14 months about the symbol thing. I will see what I can do.
Since you mentioned wanting things...for christmas can i have a hardback book with pictures of home and the horses...all the horses..and the races...and all that good stuff? and the combine cutting and all that farm stuff i miss? if you just fill a box with that good picture book (a legit one not with the actual pictures)Like the one you had made of the Disney trip with nice pages. and the caramels you make i would be happy. and a santa hat. You could send some for Baird to. He would like that. For a package, no more balloons. we havent used them yet. some chili powder would be nice and some garlic and herb seasoning.
How is Baird doing?
Bairds fine i saw him today... Milambos alright.. i feel bad about his family not being able to let him know right away...its not what I wanted to have to do but how can you not tell him those things like that if you know. I would be mad if someone knew something about my family and didn’t tell me.
I'm sorry about you having to tell him.  I assumed that's what you were dealing with yesterday and why you didn't email.  Glad Baird is better, I loved the note you sent him to the hospital!  Why did you draw the two of you wearing dresses?
they werent dresses... they were hospital gowns. i love my Elder Baird bait.
Oh, I see! The gown makes sense.  What is Baird bait? A nickname?
i dont know i just call him that. he is one person on this earth who comprehends what im going through. About the reaction to his loss, they all do that here...it’s part of the culture. The people on the street, they probably just think hes casting out a demon. and yes president knows about his sister...now. The priesthood blessing...thats how we kept him from not dyin himself. when an African has a family member die. they about die too.. he threw himself in the middle of the road and i had to pick his gorrilla body up and take him home...he’s not little. I feel sad for him. I’m sure he will be fine... as long as he doesnt throw himself on the ground screaming again...

Thanks for the package picture. I am excited. Did you find the Leatherman case? It was in my top dresser drawer...it has Winchester on it. Thanks for sending the package. i will be looking for it.

About trying to send boots for me. See what you can do. I’m snapping my ankles a lot. i might find me some good flip flops that will last the whole mission.. and im having some good pants made that fit me... im smaller now. i dont know how much smaller. the pants we got at mr mac are huge. and im getting fat on me because i accually worked hard at home and now its not overly physically straining. ive lost lots of muscle.

Here's the google translate of the latest email from Milambo:
merci pour votre message fortifient je suis console je vêt le faire avec amour et tout force pour mon père céleste .
*thank you for your message I am fortify console I love dresses and do it with any force to my Heavenly Father.* I think it loses something in the translation. LOL!
ya thats not what it says...
the internet is being dumb. but i think we are gonna head out soon..
so i love you guys and we will talk next Monday.
i just got a few more minutes. Milambo just deleted his whole message to president. He’s having a really bad day.
So Courtney played piano at church? Tell her hi for me when you see her again. i had a lot of fun with her the few dates we went on, shes a nice girl. Oh, and the translation for the Milambo email, hes just thanking you for all your condolences and for all the help god gives him. Not that he loves dresses.

His email to me also said- Life is good and I love my companion?  He told me you had a better week than last week, true?

very true.. this week was good. we taught 8 lessons a day. i wouldn’t say love... im just not heartless. The chat we had last week was good and we are working on it together now.

Glad it is going better, hope it stays that way. It may be a rough week. Be patient with him.

im the most patient person on earth at this point. But i have to go now cause he’s finished...so we will talk next week. Love yall bye!
"Family" symbol carving- *Picture from Sister Leavitt
Get well note for Elder Baird

Goods for the package going to Elder G!

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