Sunday, June 16, 2013

January 1, 2013- District Leader

Elder Hunter Gundersen is alive and well this week. He had a shorter email time and we didn't get to chat much. He got a new companion and Elder G is now a senior companion. His companion is from the Ivory Coast and he says he's a really nice guy.

In other news Elder G is now the district leader. He says it doesn't make him anyone with power. It just means he gets to hold the phone and send the President a bunch of numbers each week.

His Christmas package still hasn't made it to him. Too bad. He saved his Mickey macaroni and cheese and had dinner with Amis on Christmas. He has really enjoyed having the Eastmonds close by. They were planning to have dinner with them last night as well for New Years Eve.

It's still really hot there and the sun is rarely seen due to the dust cloud that continues to hang around. He says you can still get sunburned though.

He was able to withdrawal some money from his account for real meat, (thanks Grandpa) and that he was probably going to have queso for New Years Day...or maybe save it for his birthday.

Happy New Year to all! One to go!
Borrowed from another Elder...who knew Elder G played soccer????  He never mentioned this activity.  Probably didn't want the harassment from family members!

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