Sunday, June 16, 2013

November 19, 2012-Guess What?

Hi alive.
we ate a monkey

thats a dead frozen monkey we ate... ask tasted like shredded beef... yes i sent him with 2 cards... my comp borrowed one card and ruined it.. hope you can get the pictures...
I got the package you sent, one from grandma and the one Aunt Rayona sent.  Rayona knows how to pack a good package!
So, you asked about the President..hes a good guy.. really smart.. and as far as the rumors of the mission will never happen while im here. Don't believe all the rumors that you hear.
As for the other Elders you were asking about...
almost all the other americans are from utah and arizona or idaho... there is a ton. So there's a guy coming from Pennsylvania? Cool. Maybe I will get to meet him. So yeah, the French guy is still in the apartment with me. I plan on not being able to remember how to speak French when I get home. my French now might not be good enough for France.. Going would be like sending a Mexican to Spain.
In the package you sent, i found the flash drive with the Christmas music. no the rats didnt eat it... so will you guys go back to the temple this week? people here will literally save every penny they have for 2-3 years to go and its like 100 miles away.. its really important. Just go as soon as you can.
Love you.
Look what was in the program this last week at church...Too bad he missed it!

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