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July 9, 2012- Does This Look Sanitary?

Dear Hunter,
Well, another week has passed and things are back to the regular around here…almost.  You know, back to work, busy with summer kids activities and the other stuff.  Before I forget, where is Elder Leavitt from?
Going back to work wasn’t very fun.  I wish I was independently wealthy and that I could stay home, go on vacation when I wanted to and just be a Mom.  It would be nice. Oh, well.  It will probably never happen.
So Dyllon’s farewell is July 29th, we are so excited to go and I actually have that weekend off.  Yes!  Mindy is still stressing although I’ve told her that she’s going to live and be okay and that Dyllon will be okay too.  Katelyn and Ryan are picking him some ties to take to him.  It is going to be an exciting event.
So guess what the missionaries in Logan we doing yesterday to meet people?  Of all things, they set up a lemonade stand and were giving away lemonade!  So funny!  Do you suppose that would work in Africa?
Alma 32:42 And because of your adiligence and your faith and your patience with the word in nourishing it, that it may take root in you, behold, by and by ye shall pluck the bfruit thereof, which is most precious, which is sweet above all that is sweet, and which is white above all that is white, yea, and pure above all that is pure; and ye shall feast upon this fruit even until ye are filled, that ye hunger not, neither shall ye thirst.
So the new CARS LAND at Disneyland was pretty cool.  It was like walking into the movie… Especially at night when all the neon was lit up.  The Radiator Springs Racers is like Test Track in WDW but with a CARS theme and story background. The best ride we went on was at Universal Studios- The Transformers Ride- It’s a 4D simulated ride.  It was IMPRESSIVE!  Very fun!  Even Wes liked it a lot.  We can’t wait to take you to see it.
So here in Utah the wild fires are everywhere.  Something like 250,000+ acres have burned just in Utah since June and there are still nine wildfires burning in Utah.  Many people have lost homes and even more are still displaced by evacuations.  It’s scary and sad.  There was a fire just south of Pocatello that burned something like 65 homes that are on that west bench.  So many families are without right now.  It’s good to see that communities are stepping up to assist the now homeless.  A week ago Sunday, the LDS church called for a special fast for rain.  It’s amazing how that works…Wednesday we had record rainfall around the state that helped to contain most of the fires that were threatening homes.  Ask with a steadfastness in faith…
So Ryan and Kate had a ball on vacation.  They are back to swim and art lessons, playing with friends and hanging at Debbie’s.  They are excited to take you to Burns Ranch when you come home in a year and a half…which it’s crazy to think that on July 24th you will finish up six months! 
So how are you new investigators doing? Have you had an increase in the activity?  What things are you trying to get people to church?  Who is your most memorable investigator so far?  Who is the one you think will be baptized the soonest?  I guess I’m just asking if you’d tell me a little about the people you are meeting.
Ryan is still helping all he can at the farm.  He even shovels the horse manure out of the trailer after Lewiston. Very impressive!  He’s so super excited for the lambs and the fair.  Katelyn…not so much!
The grain is quickly ripening and it will be back to school time before we know it.  The stores already have the back to school stuff out! (Yes!)  If the cyber is working and you get a minute, be sure to drop a line or two to Daxen and Brooklyn.  They both love writing to you.
Ryan and Kate’s questions:
  1. Do you play soccer now?  Is it fun?
  2. Have you eaten cat that you know of?
  3. Do people ride or race horses in Africa?
  4. How deep does the water get in the roads when it rains?
  5. Do you use your umbrella?
  6. Will you get to drive a car in Africa or ride a motorcycle?
  7. What do you do with your trash? Do you put it on the road too?
  8. Do you have running water or is your water in a well?
  9. What is your favorite Africa tie color?
  10. Will you bring back a drum for me when you come home? (Ryan)
  11. Have you seen any snakes yet?
  12. Did you have anything funny happen this week?
I love you much!  I am of proud of you and the work that you are doing.
Love, Mom
Hi Homey-
Would you please bring me a wood one (hippo) like the one Bailey brought home? Love Kate
Hi mom. Im alive.
1- no i hate soccer
2- nope
3- nope
4- 2 feet
5- yep
6- no motos but if i get to be assistant i get to drive a truck
7- sometimes it goes on the road.
8- runing water
9- lots of colors
10- how bout a hippo
11- nope
12- not really.
i went to the art market today. some guy wouldnt stop trying to sell me a box for 25000 franks. i kept offering him 2000 just to irritate him. i sent the pictures.  Did you get them?

 The baptism was good. the guys name is Bertin. He is 33 and he has a kid but hes not married.

About something for the first girl I baptized, you can get her something like that little bracelet. i might still be i tokoin when it gets here and i might not. As for packages, i havent got anything yet but the president is coming this week and he might have one. but i have just got the one. just a question... how do i spread the parmesan if its all squished together and not in the bottle?
So I struggled with my comp this week. but i fixed it this morning. he just wouldnt talk to me and he would walk as fast as he could everywhere. so i would stay one step ahead whe he was trying to be intimidating. i tried to talk to him several times throughout the week and he refused.  and this morning i got to talking to him and told him we got nothing accomplished this week because of this problem and how it was on our heads. and we needed to fix it before president kills us( he’s afraid of president). i just told him we could forget it and start over. president and i are gonna have a talk this week in our interview. if he wants to try to intimidate me(not sure if that’s the right word to explain it) im gonna use it to my advantage and work him hard. Something is up for sure and I don’t know what it is when he wont tell me. We will get it worked out.

Hi Homey. Love Ryan Today I have scouts.  It is fun.
oh ya? what are you gonna do?
I don't know yet
why not? whos the new scout leader?
My leader is Blaine Spotten's dad. He is nice.
oh cool. do you still go help grandpa every day

Mostly everyday I help him when I am home.

fun. do you ride the paint
I asked Grandpa but he won't let me because he hasn't been rode in two years.
oh. maybe you can talk dad into leading you around. and i rode her a few times last year but if grandpa says no he means it
I will ask dad. I got to pet Sparky.
oh ya? i see goats everywhere!
I havent opened the parmesan yet but i might this week. its hard to want to go from steak to spaghetti.
Are steaks expensive over there?
for 1 kilo about 2 pounds its about 10 bucks. ask Matt why i havent got his package yet. better yet ask my whole shift why i havent got my package yet. For that package you are sending next, did you get black or blue BUTTARS TRACTOR clicky pens?  taco seasoning packets? and if there is room I love gummy octapusses.
I love the laundry day picture.  I don't think i want to do laundry like that. I will stick to my old washer and dryer. The market looks crowded and is it sanitary?
there is no such thing as sanitary here or anywhere else in Togo that I have seen at least by your standards. did you see my kitchen? my fingers are raw from doing laundry.

Gotta run…love you and have a good week. Oh and Leavitt is from Orangeville.

Elder G and Bertin

Clouds...and smoke in the sky from the riots. They burned cars and stuff and we had to stay in.

This is the moon. It is really bright because there are not very many lights at night here.

This is my kitchen. Does this look sanitary to you?
(No wonder he bought a grill!)

A the market there are a lot of people. It's really crowded.

The umbrellas are for shade and impending rain. You just never know in Africa.

At the beach

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