Sunday, June 16, 2013

October 22, 2012- Debit Card working! Bring on the Sprite!

Elder Hunter Gundersen is still alive this week. He was able to finally use his debit card and was able to purchase some extra food. As a result, he was pretty cheerful today.

One of the first tasks he assigned me was to take money from his account to pay the tab on his tithing that he left in January. He said that it's pretty hard to try and teach the Law of Tithing when that last bit he should've paid before he left gnaws at him. I assured him I would take care of that ASAP.

They're still having a hard time getting packages. He was hoping to have one at the mission home when he visits this week. He's down to the package of Mickey Mac-n-cheese that I sent him in August. He says he's saving that for Christmas dinner in case he doesn't get anymore packages. I hope he gets something before then...mac-n-cheese for Christmas doesn't sound very special... even if it is from Disneyland.

There was a transfer in his apartment and now there's an English speaking Elder from Liberia (I think that's what he said) but he can't remember how to spell his name. Unfortunately, he and Elder Gundersen don't speak the same "English"! He says they all get along great and it's been nice. He met the Semkens last week and says he hasn't seen them since. "I don't get to spend time with the old people.", is what he said. He means this with all due respect. He loves spending time with the older people in his life. He calls them wise and says he learns a lot from them.

Nothing exciting happened this last week in his least nothing he was willing to share. He says he misses Grandpa's dog Ginger and says it would be nice to go get her out every morning and spend some time with her. He misses just being listened to without someone making judgements on his comments.

The work continues and he's doing his best to keep his shoulder to the wheel and to keep a positive outlook in spite of the many challenges. Kind of like Dory says in Finding Nemo..."just keep swimming".

Thanks to all for the thoughts, prayers and emails. He loves you all.

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