Tuesday, June 11, 2013

October 01, 2012- Almost like a phone call

hi mom im still alive

(It's always a relief every week to read that he’s alive.)

i see Grandpa got my letter, I hope he liked it.. guess what i bought today?  i bought a freakin sword! they have swords for voodoo. and i bought one. and i got that stupid family thing you wanted. and my debit card wouldnt let me pull money out…fix it please! make sure there is more than 75 bucks in the account. 150 might be better. and make sure they have the card work in benin and togo. I still need Sprite for my project…you will find out what it is in a few months... be patient.

How are the kids and why dont they send me letters? I know Wes turned off the internet, so cant smartphones run as wi fi too? i was just thinking about that the other day…I just miss them. I guess you really don’t need internet for Christmas… well i dont plan on skyping you.. i dont have a good way to do it.

i havent got a package yet from Kris and Jerine. nobody brings me mail. it irritates me. I need my mail.

As for *****, she will do what she wants. we can want for other people but sometimes they just have to grow up for themselves. I learned that. im pretty freakin smart. i hang around old people at home because they arent dumb. their wisdom rubbed off on me. young people are dumb and do dumb stuff. I get along better with old people. I started a gratitude journal and I write stuff in it I am grateful for…like good shovels…if ya gotta work ya gotta have a good shovel. Not a stick with a piece of metal tied to it…that just makes work hard. I am grateful for good tools at home.

i baptized a girl saturday. her names grace.. thats all you get about the mission for this week.

I ate a jelly sandwich. Send plum jam…figure out how to do it. It will be the last idea you think of…haha!

You asked if I was going to put up a tree this Christmas… and where am i gonna find a tree? dont send ornaments.. they dont have christmas trees here... dont send me ornaments...oreos and food is better to send and it makes me happier. dont waste any space... that might ruin christmas for the second year in a row. All I got last year was pretty much stuff for my mission. christmas stays christmas..i dont care how old i am... i better get good stuff for christmas. i dont care if im 60 my wife had better get me good stuff… i asked for a .270 last year and i got white shirts.. if your that far off this year it will be the second year in a row. ya buy 60 year olds guns... i like guns.

haha... i miss Christmas

I know you wanted a gun, but why buy a gun to have it sit two years?  Maybe that's you bday present when you come home Jan 1 2014.

how many years have grandpas guns sat... he still enjoys them.. you have no idea how happy i would be to get a .270 for my birthdayand i still have all my tonka trucks and they make me happy... times change and boys turn to men.

It's Halloween time. You should be feeling right at home with the voodoo stuff around! Lol!

every day is halloween here

I cannot imagine!  Any dried monkey heads to take pictures of for Ryan? I will make sure that's your Christmas- birthday present waiting when you get home.

AAHHH!!! that might just make up for 1 ruined christmas!!! and for the christmas just before i come home.

ya by the way im 128 pounds and loving wearing the pants with a belt cause if i dont they fall down. Joke- haha! no... i might be 140-145- pure fat, not a chance to build muscle here. I like our email chat times. It makes me happy. its really is nice to be able to do that... it makes it feel like a phone call.

well i have to go teach someone so i have to go.. have a good week.
Elder G and Grace...not sure which one she is...

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