Monday, June 10, 2013

September 10, 2012- All I Want for Christmas

hi mom. im still alive.

I decided for my Christmas package I want

santa hats, caramel nougats that you make, christmas eve pjs... just cause im in freakin africa doesnt mean you get out of buying me that…and lots of kool aid. A flash drive filled with Christmas music and put the soundtrack to 17 miracles on it too…please. a los al calendar, plum jam, dinner things sue sent, combat boots, dickies socks for the combat boots.

i missed out on ouidah… last week with malaria…but oh well. I hear it freaked you out, Sister Leavitt told me that…you were never concerned if i was sick at home. I think you thought i was always faking it. oh well... im still alive.

My companion is elder rakotondrasoa. We call him Rako. there is no american in my apartment now. theres me, my malagash a French and some other guy from Africa in the Congo. As for my apartment, I will try to look for it here its by the lake. Its located at gbedjromede sainte rita. i live on the corner of rue 148 and rue 880 about 5 houses in  if you go left . with a white roof.

Well, send me good stuff in my next package. not a chance i will be happy with mcdonalds when I get home... and the roadhouse is still the first meal at home.  i havent lost my standards yet

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