Tuesday, June 11, 2013

September 17, 2012- I Vant Your Blood!

im still alive…in that package some Excedrin and some Advil…lots and lots of Advil would be nice.

So, Ryan gets to pull weeds for getting in trouble? Haha! pullin weeds sucks.. the worse of all punishments.. really.. its bad. Did he at least hide the keys good? hes a clever little cuss... i taught him well... hes just too dingy to know to stay downstairs if he doesnt want to go to bed. if he was really smart he could get upstairs and watch your tv. i used to get in the family room behind your chair in fielding every night.

no baptisms... not for a while. i get to speak in church all the
time now. No, I won’t likely send an SD card home soon… ill send one in december 2013 or january 2014. i might ask sister leavitt to upload some pictures and send them. I hope the kids were able to find my location on Google maps last week.

feel free to send me some frosted mini wheats and some of those freeze dried dinner things, any kind. They are perfect. get more than just lasagna... change it up a lot. i havent ate the cookie dough yet but tonight i start. so feel free to send more. i havent got a package again yet.

So I got my blood checked for a Benin residence card this week. We had to go get the doctor and bring him to the mission home to do it. I think Sister Leavitt was going to send you pictures. I don’t think I will be here the rest of the mission though, but ya just never know.

its always hot here. there is never a cold day. no one in my appartment speaks English now. It’s hard sometimes. Yes, there is Halloween here…they have halloween all year round…its called voodoo. You see people dressed up for voodoo stuff all the time.
Elder G sweating bullets over this...he dislikes needles.

His Companion looks ill...

From Sister Leavitt’s email: The blood test can only be performed by the military police medical team...As the missionaries were called by name we had some drama, but mostly apprehension…at times it was funny and I have attached some pictures to illustrate…a picture is worth a thousand words they say.  The doctors gave them an examination, looked at the eyes, tongue and listened to their heart, then took their blood pressure, then took the sample. 

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