Sunday, June 9, 2013

August 13, 2012- I Made it to Benin

hi mom.

im still alive. my new area is nice. and my comp is pretty cool. i got
the big package. thanks. the appartment is a ton better. we baptized a
person this week too. i just walked into this one. id met her once before the baptism. Her name is mygelle.

i havent ate the bbq sauce yet. everyone else here likes to eat together and all they eat is rice and spaghetti. and im surely not sharing it with not eating very well here and not spending very much money on food.

there is no room for a garden here. and im not gonna upload pictures here. Elder Christensen is with me now. He’s cool. hes from fruit heights. all my companions are likely to be congo. I highly doubt the new comp will write you. 

togo and benin are both a lot more dirty than home… but benin is more developed by about 150 years.  baird is fine. and winter is at home and engaged- already. he wrote a poem to ask the girl to marry him while he was in togo. and if hes in a yellow jersey and converse shoes in public its him in the picture I sent. I got the package you sent. The oreos and the poptarts are amazing. The gummies are good but the caramel corn didn’t do so well. It wasn’t good.

Send more gummys not green frogs. melon is good. do you know how many people i went to high school with are married now? camille is married. what the freak! why are all my friends getting married? I guess ill just have to find someone to marry and shes gonna be smokin hot too... she better be if im gonna spend 2 years here. i decided if a girl asks me if i went on a mission within the first 2 dates im never gonna date her again. i want a girl who wants me and not the mission.

missing the fair this year is gonna tear my heart out.
Here are a few pics from the SD card Elder G sent home at a later date- This is the trip from Togo to Benin.

Elder Workman checking out the bushes...I'm afraid to ask.

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