Sunday, June 16, 2013

December 17, 2012- Almost Christmas!

Had a great time in Layton at Skyler Wolthoff's report. It's wonderful to hear from these great young men and to socialize with other Moms from the mission.

Good news! Elder Hunter Gundersen is alive and well. I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting for that news. He is really hot and it makes him tired. At least all the mosquitos have died because of the extreme heat...or so he says. On the upside, the cyber he was at today had air conditioning.

No packages this last week. Cross your fingers that his Christmas package makes it there some time this week. He is feeling the midpoint blues already. He says he's ready for some alone time. To go where he wants when he wants and to eat where he wants would be awesome. People are driving him crazy right now.

I told him I still hadn't put the Mickey tree up yet. He told me that was good because it was ugly anyway...followed by a "ha,ha!" I told him I was going to put it up in his room and send pictures next week. He didn't believe me because there's no one home to carry the tree into his room for me. We will see...

Today he was craving a grilled ham and cheese from the Golden Spike Grill but was likely going to settle for a pb and j for dinner. He said the jam is pretty good because it's from France. It's not the Roadhouse but he says it will do. He says he's getting fat due to the lack of good hard farm work. He weighs about 155 soaking wet. Glad to hear that the weight is coming back. He hasn't had any monkey nuggets this week but says he's had a lot of goat since he's been there. He says goat isn't too bad. I'll pass thanks!

I asked about anything new or funny that happened this last week. He responded that Africa is always the same....nothing changes. It's boring. I find that hard to believe. I asked about the mission split we've heard about. His reply??? Don't believe it until it happens after all it's Africa!

He asked how everyone was doing. He wanted to know about the school shooting in CT. He asked about Sparky and the possibility of an upcoming race. He asked what fun things we had planned to do when he gets home. One big news item...he told me that when he comes home he's planning to fly here in an F-16. That way it will only take a few hours. He continued on and pushed my buttons a bit about the kids, getting a dog and how he planned to pick on me when he gets home. I told him I would promise to have a better sense of humor about his teasing if he promised to give me a hug. "Only at the airport" was his response. I think the heat is getting to his brain.

He is looking forward to the call on Christmas. (So am I!) He mentioned he hoped his Grandparents are all there to talk to them too. Thanks to all for the letters, love, prayers and support. Enjoy the snow!

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