Saturday, June 8, 2013

August 08, 2012- Going to Benin!

hi mom. im still alive i go to Benin on Wednesday... ya that last charge on the card was not its official, I was robbed. yep im still here with my garden…im ready to go. im goin to Gbedjromede. Elder Leavitt is gonna stay here for awhile to take care of the garden. Did you like the picture of the hoe? That hoe is the least efficient thing on earth.

ya sister leavitt called me when the card thing happened. She told me about Ryan Mannings call. i had another baptism! Her name is Parfait. she doesnt like me. she refused to talk to me cause im white. she will talk to everyone else but me. if i say something to her she blows me off. It’s weird.

i ate at a spanish restaurant today. had legit boiled potatos. I was with Baird for awhile. No pictures for you this week, i left my camera at the apartment and i did take a picture of a new massey i found! I’m okay on money, Sister Leavitt said she’d help me if I need anything. i havent seen anymore packages yet. i would assume i wont get one till im in Benin if they have any. it’s not logical to bring them here and then take them back. when is my package coming from my shift? i miss trisha and matt and wes and ammon and byron and kim and all the old people that arent obnoxious. to be honest i dont want to work there again. i didnt enjoy it and ive learned my lesson to go to school. I think i will try to get a job with wade and shane. thats something i enjoy and i would make enough to support me so i dont have to work during school.

So I hear Katie likes her lamb…well I’ll be!  Tell Ryan that i didnt go to the beach. i ate squid. it was fried. it wasnt bad. i wouldnt order it if I had a choice. im leavin the grill so I won’t be making grill bread pizza…and thanks for telling me fried squid is calamari... i do speak french.. haha! i have never found any african food i like. none of it is good to me at all.

 I got the package with the candy in it. Thanks. you should find some sort of simple magic trick and send it to me. people would have a heart attack here over something simple i can carry around. It would be fun. something like the thumb trick grandpa does.

i havent met my new companion yet. He’s from the Congo too. milambo just tried to show me pictures of his sisters dead body. it scared me. Sometimes I wonder about him. i am bein nice when I say that… it just scared me…seriously.

I like the picture of the new tv. Your moving up to have one on the wall finally…it looks small but the wall itself isn’t to small. Ha! So there is a new saints and soliders movie? I wish I could go with you. You should just go by yourself…I used to do that sometimes. ya you look like someone who cant get a date but who cares!!! its cheap!!

Well, I love ya. Have a good week and tell everyone hello.

Picture from Elder Baird- outside the Spanish place where he had legit potatoes!
 Baird is making fun of his 1970's tie from Aunt Mindy.


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