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July 27, 2012- Garden in Tokoin

Here is an excerpt from Sister Leavitt’s journal this week and a few cool pictures she included! Enjoy…
Friday July 27, 2012
We have apartment inspections today starting at 8am and going on through to 2:00pm.  We love doing these inspections as strange as that may seem, it gives us a chance to sit and visit and just get up close and personal with the missionaries.  When we started this just after our arrival in the mission the apartments were in terrible shape…we are pleased and proud of how they have brought them up to such a standard that is getting near to impossible to pick an overall winner.  Attiegou was our first, followed by Hedzranowoe then Tokoin, Be-Kpota, Ablogame, Souza Netime, Doumassasse and finishing up with Kojoviakope.  Each apartment team was ready for us, dressed in their white shirts and ties, floors polished, great attitudes and they lifted our spirits up as we were dragging a little from our agenda yesterday.  Some special notes to make are:
·         Tokoin…WOW,WOW,WOW.  This apartment has always struggled and comes in at the bottom of the pile every time.  Today, we were met at the gate by Elder Milambo who, in his halting English said “welcome Elder and Sister Leavitt to the Celestial Kingdom.  What a difference, immaculate courtyard, staircase clean and overall AMAZING.  I loved that Elder Gunderson and Leavitt (the young one) had actually planted crops in the courtyard and rigged up an irrigation system.  They have beans, tomatoes and something else growing up a storm.
Elder Leavitt (The Younger) and Elder G- The Farmers!



Irrigation system- African style!

An African hoe...looks like a back breaker.

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