Sunday, June 9, 2013

August 27, 2012- Surprises

Guess what??? We found out that the new senior couple going in December is from Logan. Gma and Gpa work with them at the Bishop's storehouse. 

i got your package with the new debit card and i got grandmas. you should tell her how to send packages cheap. i havent ate the cookie dough yet but i had cockroaches for dinner! Grandma paid 58 bucks. and it wasnt as big as the white ones. and no i didnt share the candy with the kids. kids dont like it here. and if you could… elder Bukasa wants to know if in the next package you can send one of those metallic oil vial things.

We had a baptism this week too. his name was gilbert and hes 17.

I am really liking Elder Bukasa, he’s down to earth. He found a CTR ring so you don’t need to worry about that. We are teaching lots of lessons.

I’ve decidied Wes is a clever guy. i use a bunch of his sayings to remind me to be grateful for home and everything there all the time.

So grandpas getting married…that will be weird for me. I don’t know her, I didn’t have her in school.  If he’s happy im happy. I will just have to get used to it.

winter 2014 starts before i get home. So I plan to work the summer and then go to school fall 2014, and the plan is to wait a bit to find a wife. im broke. It will be not so bad to save since I plan on living with you and Wes forever in my room.

So that’s cool you and Wes are going to Belgium and stuff. Good luck with the passports and that. I have seen the papers for a visa for Belgium and it is a lot. I hope you don’t have to do all that to visit.

I missed the fair. so you should talk to this new couple and ask them if they speak french. sister leavitt asked me and i dont know. It will be cool to have someone from home here.
The chapel here...


How I'm wearing my flip flops these days.  Aren't you proud?

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