Sunday, June 16, 2013

November 12, 2012- Glad You Had Fun

Hi Mom...I'm alive.
Could you please send Ranch in the next package?  I got the package from Kris and Jerine and one from grandma.  Tell them all thank you.  I'm on a little early because we have a thing to go to at 4:30.  i see jasper died. he was my favorite to do shut ins for.  I will miss him.
So how was the trip to Europe? 
... did you understand a word when they spoke french... and did you have a translator?
next time you go, if your paying ill translate. i want to go see a few things there but not any time soon. I just want to be home.
if we do it has to leave me a few years of being home... i want to be home for a while. 
ok... the French guy in my apartment lives not too far from Brugge. he says he knows exactly where that building is at. Pretty cool.
Are you going to Elder Manning's farewell? Make sure to tell him hello from me.
i miss the cold.. its too hot here.
Elder Bush is going to be bringing you an SD card. hes from park city... he goes home friday... he is the only reason i stayed here when i started. He helped me keep perspective. he says you can go to his report if you would like and pick it up yourself at his homecoming. he says to add him to facebook and you can find the address there. its elder hayden bush. I like Bush...we get along really well.
So you're heading to the grocery store after vacation today? you would die at a grocery store here... they're little and dirty.
Is it easy to find stuff in your grocery store?
if you want to pay 20 bucks of your 140 for the month on a kilo of chicken
My favorite Elder G quote of the week:
"just put a smile on and be ok with it.. you will grow to enjoy it if you have the right attitude about it."



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