Tuesday, June 4, 2013

July 23, 2012- Six Months!

hi mom... im still alive. how was your week. no new investigators and no baptisms.. i need you to check the bank for me.. i lost money. it kinda got forcefully taken from me.... i lost 90 bucks ish... if you could just make sure there is stuff in there. im sure there is i just dont want to have to have an emergency and no money. Don’t worry I’m ok. its just life here.  
It’s frustrating because the church is so new here and it’s not the same as home. They do nothing here the same as we do at home. We are trying to teach them the right way to do things but they don’t understand. And ya kinda have to have them teaching true doctrine before you can help them. its tough... like explaining to them you cant bring 10 ears of corn in for tithing. we arent pioneers anymore.. and they think the branch should open a store  to sell stuff for them. It makes no sense sometimes.
i havent gotten too sick yet. Baird is back to being Baird. Milambo is doing okay after last week. It was bad and hes saying thank you to everyone for their prayers and support.
You may have to wait next week for pictures. They don’t feel like loading today. nobody was here to give packages... and i dont think anyones coming this week either. Don’t forget chili powder in the package.
The Leavitts email said they were coming to Togo to do apt checks and deliver mail.
well they havent called us yet. They usually call about 10 minutes before...thanks for the warning.
Tell Kate, yes they have ice cream here, but its expensive. Guess what I ate this week? i ate fish heads!  I still don’t like fish, im the most picky person here. That’s what keeps me from getting sick…or dying... thats why i eat good here. i might spend a bit more but i have some meat on me still. they give us enough money to live like we are from Togo.. and i need something to me. Yes, im still taking the malaria meds, understand though the meds dont prevent it... it just keeps you from dying if you get it. I will probably get it sometime. no i dont need repellent, yes i can get it here and i still havent used up the one i came with...
We are excited for Ryan Manning to call and let us know where he is going on his mission. Maybe he will get to go to Africa with you. 
ryans one of my best friends...me, him, and alonzo are best buddies. I miss them. The baptisms we had planned for Saturday fell through. it doest rain much here now. it might sprinkle..Transfers are this week,  im pretty sure we (Milambo and I) are getting split. Tomorrow is my six month mark.
About Ryan and not wanting to go to Debbies…dont make him go if he doesnt want to.. and when hes being a pain in the butt dont send him to his room... have him pull weeds or something.  ill be honest with ya... as miserable as pulling weeds is... it fixes attitudes. 
That’s good grandpa is cutting hay. I miss the farm. tell him hi for me and that i love him...

well the cyber is about to close so i got to go. Love you…bye

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