Sunday, June 16, 2013

December 10, 2102- Anxiously Awaiting

This week Elder Hunter Gundersen is once again alive and well. He had the new couple missionaries from Logan Utah over the other night and made beans and rice for them. He's quite the cook I guess. He said they are really nice and that they live in the apartment right in front of his. I think he was super excited to have someone from home (who speaks English) nearby!

He was in good spirits and wanted me to send him several pictures of the new fallen snow and the neighborhood and said he loved seeing all the snow. It's really hot there right now and he said he would love to have a little snow in Africa...just for a few minutes. I would gladly trade him the chilly weather for a few minutes of warmth and sunshine. Anyone know how to arrange that?

He says there are several small plastic Christmas trees around the area for sale but he doesn't know anyone that can actually afford to buy one for their home. He says he still doesn't mind missing putting up all the decorations at home. He is super excited for our phone call on Christmas. He is most excited to talk to Grandpa. He misses working on the farm with him a lot. He says he's put on a bit of weight lately (finally), but says it's all fat and that he misses working hard. He's wanting to throw a few bales and shovel some muck from the stalls. He's a funny kid!

He didn't get any new packages this week and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his Christmas package from home. He will be very surprised to find all the makings for one of his favorite New Years Eve treats tucked lovingly inside. He found out that his companion will be getting a package from his sister who lives in Boise Idaho. I'm glad that he will not be left out of the package receiving for the holiday. It makes me sad that many of the West African Elders do not receive packages from home. I wish I had funds to send all of them something.

Elder Hunter Gundersen sends well wishes to all and thanks everyone for their prayers and letters. Until next week!

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