Sunday, June 16, 2013

December 24, 2012- Christmas Eve and Christmas Call

Guess what I got this week? A Christmas card from my missionary! That's what all the Sprite was for!


Hi alive.  I got the big Christmas package you sent and one from Grandma.  I called Wes with the number for our call tomorrow. I got the queso, that was a cool surprise, I don't have chips yet. Of course I already opened the package! Why wouldn't I?

i have to go soon.. i have to go eat at a members house...Have everyone there tomorrow to talk to me. I can't wait. Love you!

So we had a really good call with Elder G on Christmas...worth every single penny!  Sure miss that kid!

Some of the things he said...

Malaria is like having the worst flu feel like you may are thinking that maybe you should go to the hospital and then you think...wait this is Africa.

He misses work and the horses.

He likes having the Eastmonds close's nice to have someone from home that knows grandma and grandpa. They are really nice people.

It was really hard to hang up!

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