Sunday, June 16, 2013

December 3, 2013- Not Sure Who Was Sending Emails...

So...this week I didn't get the usual "Hi Mom, I'm alive!" email from Elder Hunter Gundersen. So the correspondence I had may or may not have been with him. Although, no one else but Elder Gundersen would've taken the time to harass me about buying a puppy for the twinners...hmmm.

Anyway, he seemed well. The transfers last week didn't affect him or anyone else in the apartment. He is still with ...Elder Rako (an abbreviation) and likes him a lot. It's been really warm there but Monday was nice. It was only about 83 and it had been overcast all day.

Other than that, he only wanted to talk of other things...nothing else about the mission. )0:

He said he's a hungry boy and that he's hoping his treats last until his next package makes it there. He gets to go to the Mission Home on the 24th with the other Benin Elders and they are being treated to a holiday dinner. I guess he will be able to save the Mickey Mac-n-Cheese for another special dinner. He looks forward to spending time with others that speak English. I'm hoping and praying that his Christmas packages make it there in time.

Thanks to all for your prayers, packages and letters to Elder G. He loves you all!
Highlights from his email:
on the 24th we are having all the benin elders get together for christmas and the mission is paying for dinner for everyone. That will be cool.
How is Ginger?
I miss her too... can we get a lab to keep animals away at our house when i get home? you would notice a difference around the place... a lot less skunks and deer eating the grain.
How is my photo book for Christmas coming along? I am excited to have pictures from home. i miss working with wes.
No, I don't have a Christmas tree...Just where would I find a tree here?

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