Tuesday, June 11, 2013

September 24, 2012- Food, Glorious Food!

hi mom im still alive

i didnt get an email from wes yet. and moon pies would be nice
sometime too... the banana ones. i havent tried to use my debit card. i
got a package from grandma. She sent me freeze dried yogurt and ice cream. they are good. And candy and jerky and seeds.

I told the Stake President what you said about your plaque saying Jan 2014 and that's when you'd be home and he laughed!  He says that sounds just
like you!

it might be jan 1 2014 but it will be jan 2014. i have no idea how hot it is... maybe 80 today, not too bad. quit complaining about the cold there.. you have no idea how nice it is to live in a climate like ours. more chili powder would be nice. the freeze dried cheese was alright i put it in chili. It worked.

One thing I noticed, i dont have hayfever...there is no hay here. Basketball shorts would be nice for Christmas pjs. its too hot here for pants. Don’t put the tabernacle choir on the flash drive for music. im still a kid from east garland utah who is stuck in his ways and alwways will be. I didnt listen to church music at home and i dont here…except for Christmas music and stuff like 17 miracles and the Nashville band.

So Mom, you want a walk through Fire horse???? if you can afford a walk through fire you wouldnt be at work today. Haha! of course i want to go to burns ranch when i get home... i would rather there than disney world. It would be awesome.

ive been eating a bit better.. people keep stealing my potatoes. And yes im always tired still from the malaria. the french is still and will always be hard for me. dont send food storage instant potatoes.. you know i dont like those.. i buy them here cause its easy for me cause i know how to live within my 4 dollars a day. i can buy 2.2 pounds for a dollar. im gonna go buy sprite and chicken tonight. im working on something so i drink lots of sprite... i cant tell you what im working on but you will find out soon enough.

i havent heard from Elder Manning yet... he would really like cookies from me sent to the MTC. That would be nice if you could do something like that for him. a package would be good for him.. even if it means not sending me one..he really likes mt dew and dr pepper. and cookies. just a little something extra every now and again for him and Elder Rhodes might be
nice for them.. maybe just christmas and birthdays. they would be
we have spent a ton of money on the cyber today…gotta go. Love to all.

How ladies pack everything on their heads here.

Freeze dried ice cream goodness!

Chicken and Sprite...wonder why he needs to drink so much Sprite?

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