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October 08, 2012- Moving Along

hi mom im still alive.. yes i got your package.. the oreo one.. how hard would it be to send otter pops?. thats the only one i got this week. and did wes send an email?... cause if he did i didnt get it.
ya i talk to ryan manning... I told him its pretty freakin crazy here…you wouldn’t believe the things ive seen.
Sister Leavitt sent me a nice email about how you're an awesome missionary and that she loves you to bits!

do you know what city you will be in in belgium and what dates... my favorite member will be in belgium in november... no baptisms
Brussels Nov 3rd through the 9th.  Wes will know for sure.  There are other cities too.  It would be fun to meet up with someone you've met there.

ya shes gonna be in benin then... never mind... so has anything happened at home that nobody wants to tell me? cause im not gonna go moapin around... im a big boy. i didnt hear i was just curious...
Are you working on my picture book? make sure theres a picture of ginger.. I miss ginger…shes my best friend. yes the dog... shes my best friend... she doesnt say dumb stuff and she listens to me. oh... well that will be weird with grandpa moving to town, wont it?. nothing is exciting here anymore. malaria sucked.. i still get tired fast but oh well.

The new couple from Logan isnt here yet. I will miss the Leavitts when they move to Togo…the bbq sauce is fine... you can stop sending deoderent. i have enough for the rest of the mission.

Would you use things like canned ravioli?  I'm trying to fill the box the best I can since it's so expensive to send.  Does Ryan's mom work?  I think I know her at the school.

raviloi would be amazing.. his mom works.. i dont remember what she does but she makes amazing cheesy rolls... im not gonna upload pictures at this cyber... ever.. the computers are not good here. and no wes did not email merice a roni would be awesome

i dont eat rice anymore.. i have avoided rice the last month to be able to eat it from time to time.. i think new ages for missionaries are going to produce more missionaries..it’s good…i sometimes get the church magazines here…just really late.

The girls here were way excited.  Maybe some of the girls your age will go and then you'll have more to choose from when you get back! Ha! Ha!  More missionaries was the goal in all of it. Conference was good.  Wish you could have watched it too. Doesn't it take about a month before you get to see it?  Who usually delivers your mail?  The mission branch leader or the Leavitts?

some of the girls my age are already doin their papers.. the mission is going to eat some of them alive. it takes about a month to get my mail once it’s here and whoever comes over to the appartment or whoever goes to the office brings it.

I found out I never have to get blood drawn again. it lasts for a year. Wes finally emailed me. How’s Ryan doin? i miss the little cuss... why dont the twins write me more?

Cause they're nine. They wrote letters for your package and drew pictures.  Ryan took pictures with his camera for you too.  He was so excited for that.   Wes is supposed to get the wifi on his phone hooked up to the computer so they can email you easy.  It's hard for them to email with the little phone keyboard.

oh... hows grandma and grandpa Peterson? they are awesome.. i love grandma and grandpa... i have gotten a letter every week since the beginning of the mission. i get letters before packages usually.

Ryan and Kate need to write to you more.  Wes will get the wifi fixed this week. I will make sure. 

oh sweet!!! thats gonna be awesome... i was thinkin about a .270 this last week and decided a .308 would be better for elk.

Any more souvenir shopping this last week?

nope i dont buy souvenirs often... i figure the last 2-3 months ill pick up most of it. i miss my friends...

I'm excited for the family sculpture.  Of course you could buy any sculpture and say that's what it meant and I'd never know! LOL! Do you think you'll go back to Togo sometime?  How is Elder Baird doing?

i would assume ill go back to togo sometime.

Did you like Togo better than Benin?  Have you ever met Elder Layton?
i like benin better... yes i know layton... we were in the mtc for a few weeks together but i havent seen him since ive been in Africa.

His mom is really cool.  We had a nice lunch Friday.  Next time we're going to invite Ethan Christensen's Mom Laurie and the other Moms in the area. Are the comps your with now still good?  Are the members treating you good and not feeding you cats? LOL!  I'm sure I would starve to death there!

my comp is cool... the k viller in the apartment is a well a vkiller.. most members treat me well... i dont eat at peoples houses often..so no cats. im really fine here... i heard you asked sister leavitt if i was fine... im used to everything here... im pretty sure i will survive…don’t worry about me.
I just worried a little since you don't want to talk too much about the mission and asked her if that was normal for American missionaries.  She assured me you were doing well and that you're a fantastic missionary (I already knew that part!).

i just dont like to talk about the mission 24/7..i dont like planning and scheduling... getting up early doing laundry by hand... i just dont enjoy the lifestyle here.. i love the people here i just need a break for a few hours a week…that’s all… i miss grandpa a ton.

Totally understandable!  Does that mean you'll like doing laundry in the washer when you get home?  I have a pineapple question...is there a season for it or do you get to eat it year round?

do you like your hands bleeding when you do laundry?... no.. my hands are almost callused... im done talkin about the mission for today i have stopped eating pineapple but you can eat it year round here.
How's the sprite project coming along?  I hope that wasn't a mission question. It wasn't meant to be!
its coming along... its more than just sprite.. but you will find out sooner or later

I'm excited to see what it is.  I can only imagine what creative genius you are applying to this project. Are you planning to Skype for Christmas?

no im not gonna skype...if i can get a good place to do it i can skype but it is hard to find a good connection here…so don’t plan on it.

Well im going to take off…have a good week!
Dreaming of home...

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