Sunday, June 16, 2013

November 26, 2012- Just Another Week

hi mom

im still alive. nothing has changed here. and i thought of salsa in a package too. did you like the pictures I sent home with Bush?

So, no lawn in yet? Are you saving it for me? oh man... i really am looking forward to it... i miss real hard work.. i have lost so much muscle here and put on fat. no im  back to the same weight as when i left.
So my comp,
he likes anything.. i ate the tuna you sent today and he yelled at me cause i started putting the juice down the sink and he wanted to drink it. it was sick.  the flash is good... my player wont play wmp files.. so I cant listen to most songs on there... the ravioli was good. Thanks.

So, How did you like Bush? How long did you get to visit with him? I like him a lot. I miss him.

No, I don't remember Ritchie from Chili' shes at the Roadhouse now? if i saw her i would... i have forgotten lots of stuff... i now have a new goal of marrying the hottest waitress at the roadhouse...

im almost 1/2 done. All my friends are getting married. It's weird. Even Adrienne now. Elder Robison? Yeah,  i know him... i have another goal too.. retire at age 50 with 50 million dollars

Yes you are! We are almost to the angel Moroni at the top of our countdown poster!  Any baptisms set up?  Do all adults in Africa dislike their faces photographed? The bissap lady was funny about it.

no baptisms soon... she just didnt think she looked good... i took a picture with her sunday.
pictures dont show what really goes on here.
i miss the snow so much... i want there to be 4 feet at our house when i get home. i am not used to heat.. we dont have a/c here.. and i sweat so bad when i wake up my bed is sopping wet.
Better power lines than in Togo.

New construction in Benin

Daughter of the best bissap maker in Benin.

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