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July 30, 2012- Transfer and Debit Troubles

July 30, 2012- Debit Card Troubles

This morning after our email chat with Elder Gundersen, I found out from the bank that his account had been cleared out.  Yes, that is correct…his debit card number had been skimmed and his entire account balance was wiped out.  It’s a good thing that we keep such a small amount in there and that it is not set up to automatically transfer funds from his savings to cover any charges.  Elder and Sister Leavitt are working from their end to try and figure out how it happened and to keep other missionaries from having the same thing happen to them.  In the meantime, Elder Gundersen will be without personal funds until we can get a new debit card to him.  Thank goodness from the Leavitts and their willingness to help him through this!

(*We were able to file a fraud claim on his Visa card and the full amount of $187 was eventually returned to his account.  This took some work and time to fill out numerous bank documents and explain to several people that he is in Africa and there was no way we would be able to get security camera footage since…well…it’s AFRICA! Elder G had to send a statement as well stating that he did not withdraw the funds.  A bit of a circus, but it worked out in the end.  We sent his new card to him in a care package and after receiving notification that he had it in his possession, we activated it from home.)

Questions from the twinners:
Are you going to send more pictures?
Will you answer some of the other questions we sent?

Questions for the week:

1- Are there amusement parks in Africa?
2- W
hat's the strangest thing that happened to you this week?
3- Do people put tires on their roof to keep the metal on?
4- Have you gone to the python temple?
5- Who is your favorite ward member in Africa and why?
6- Do you have a garden in Africa?
7- What have you helped people fix?
8- Have you rode a moto yet?
9- Who cuts your hair?
10- Have you tried any new foods this week?

I miss you Hunter. My lamb is fat in the ribs. It is the biggest. I went to Lewiston with Dad and Grandpa. I took over your job cleaning the stalls and the trailer. My feet are now as big as mom's. Love, Ryan

Hi Homey,
We saw Dyllon today at his farewell. We ate at Chili's after. I had guess what...mac n cheese! I went off the little dive at the Nat with Dad. We got new Looney Tunes to watch. I miss you. We have achievement days tomorrow. It will be at 11. Love, Katelyn

hi mom.. im still alive.

1- no.. its africa... they hardly have food here.
2- i had the idea to start doing programs in sacrement meeting... and they accepted it
3- no they put nails in it.
4- nope.. do i ever plan to... nope
5- simon and frederick.. they are smart and nice and are always on time for everything.
6- yes.. leavitt and i are growing potatoes beans beets and tomatoes
7- nothing
8- no.. president would kill us
9- i do it myself
10- yep... the french guy cooked... hes never cooking again

Trying to upload a few pictures for ya. I’m still with Elder Milambo this week but I’m getting transferred to Benin and he’s staying here. Yes, I’m sad to leave the garden, but that’s how it goes. It will be nice to move on. It’s still really hot here, it is Africa you know!

The French guy cooked spaghetti with some eggs mixed with sugar and some cinnimon tomato sauce. It was terrible. i got a package from uncle bob with a bunch of beanie babies in it.. tell him im keepin the duck.  i havent given one out yet. im givin one tonight.

I won’t get to eat from my garden. everything is too small to eat... i found a new massey tractor, equipment here is samller. im gonna get a picture with it this week. the garden doesnt like to grow fast here it’s too hot and the soil is just sand.  freddy and simon are second generation members they are both 17 I think. you will never meet nicer guys. They both come from small families and they plan on serving missions. they will be good missionaries.


I got new pants made, the pants are nice. they fit now. and i think i can finish the mission with them. My old pants are in my suitcase in case i get fat. My idea for the program was to try and follow the same type program for sacrament we do at home. I hope it works. Sometime we have to get used to the disappointment of people just not showing up.

In the package, gummies would be nice. Sour ones, octopuses. Two new SD cards would be good too. a few pairs of my good dickies socks might be nice too. Hope you like the pictures and video. They took forever to load.

Elder G
Coastline and ships at sea

At the beach with members 
 Elder Winter- the French Guy

Beanies from Uncle Bob for the kids-except I'm keeping the duck!

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